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Between The Cheeks: Face Down/Ass Up/Guts Flooded is Totally Natural (Vol 1, No 4)


I've mentioned in previous columns that I'm a porn star andget this a total slut. I'm also a licensed mental health professional. I tell you this to engender faith in my writing and relationship guidance. I am also a total ethical slut, which basically means not only do I get paid to be a pig, I also have with a code of ethics that keeps me from creating harmboth to myself and to others. With porn star status, I have been fortunate enough to have had pretty good access to some of the most incredibly sexual men, which has lead to many mind-blowing hook-ups. Luckily my husband and fellow performer, Digger, is also a sex hound and loves chasing dick and ass just as much as I do. We agreed on our third date that we wanted to continue being our authentic selves and we also wanted a relationship based on trust. But you can't have trust without honesty.

Ryan Carter (R) and his husband Digger (L), together they are more widely known as RCandDigger. Photograph by Anthony Timiraos in Fort Lauderdale, FL. ([email protected]) We had the tattoos before we knew each other, and they beautifully compliment each other

So this meant we were agreeing to be completely open and honest with each other. Which sounds great, but is harder in real life than it seems, especially when we have shame attached to sex (and so many of us do!). Digger and I figured it out pretty early on in our relationship that we had to push through whatever shame we felt because that shame would have us dodging the difficult conversation that we really needed to have. Here's a graphic (and real) example...early in our relationship, Digger was out all day and I used the open afternoon to fuck seven men. I had a lot of fun and yet I was hesitant to tell Digger. See, I had this nagging voice in my head filled with a clap-trap of conservative dribble ("you're going to hell, you're a bad person, what kind of person has 7 partner in one day??", etc.). I was starting to feel badly at the prospect of talking to Digger. But that bad feeling was pointing to a problem of mine about shame that I needed to grow in. In order to grow, I needed to honor the agreement with Digger to be honestthat was the bigger piece. So I steeled myself and told him...6 hours later. Digger was totally fine with the info and sexual stories I shared, but he was hurt he I let 7 hours pass before I shared with him. This was technically a breach of our agreement, so I owed him an apology/amends for my actions. Once I explained my shame and how I handled it, he was very empathic and lovingly supportive. My shame, which was very strong, was getting in the way of me being complete honesty "immediately or as soon as possible". In that moment, I chose to push through my discomfort and tried to trust that the outcome would be goodeven though my body (where we hold trauma) was telling me not to do it. What I'm illustrating is that in order for a sexually open relationship to work, complete honesty must be baked into the early foundation of the relationship. Without honesty, and therefore trust, the openness will fail to work and may even destroy the relationship. Open relationships aren't for everyone and it's a deeply personal choice to endeavor it or not. Just as a sidebar here: the open relationship that Digger and I share is way more extreme than most. Each couple needs to sort out what they want and what works for them. NO ONE can tell you what is right for you.

Face Down/Ass Up/Guts Flooded

My first sexual foray out of the relationship wasI shit you nota whore out. I figure, go big! The plan was for me to get pimped out (for free) to any man that wanted to drop a load in my ass...NO. LOAD. REFUSED. My buddy, Master Jerry, set the whole thing up. He loves whoring out slutty guys like me and watching them get flooded with sperm from all kinds of men. It's really-a perfect set up for him, who's a total voyeur and Dominant Master (the "Dom") as well as for the submissive bottom ("the sub") cum dumps he offers up. He secured his friend's studio apartment in Hollywood and we set the date for a Friday after work to get maximum attendance. Literally any guy with a hard on could come, except absolutely no meth and no overt drunks or druggies. The benefit of having a friend monitor an event like this is to have them help be your guardian and bouncer, if needed. If someone appeared out of it or whacked, then they'd be politely asked to leave. I'm sober for 20 years now from drugs and alcohol, so there's no way in hell I'd let someone who's been partying with meth shoot their dirty load up my ass.

Ryan Carter assuming the position on all fours - known to all cum dump bottoms

I arrived 30 minutes before the event started, which was from 6-7PM, so I could orient myself to the space and do a final shower rinse. I was introduced to the fuck bench I would be placed on, ass up, legs spread for easy access to my smooth muscular hole. I was asked by Master Jerry if I would consent to being blindfolded. He explained that the blindfold serves two purposes: 1) the primary and most obvious reason is to prevent me from seeing the men. By blocking my view, I would more likely settle into the experience rather than get up into my head assessing each man fucking me. The blindfold helped to turn off this part of my brain, also so I could focus on what I was hearing and feeling. 2) the second reason is to help some of the tops who might be bashful and, as a result, may experience erectile problems if they feel pressure, especially if that pressure is coming from a glaring bottom whose eyes are screaming, "Breed me! Breed me NOW!" Erectile dysfunction is a very common issue, especially for men in groups. Not everyone is comfortable fucking in front of others. Me, I'm totally comfortable fucking in front of whoever.

Ryan Carter bent over, fingering himself and getting ready for cock and cum

As 6PM approached, I sort of nervously put on my black jock strap, a pair of CellBlock-13 high socks, put on my blindfold and bent over the fuck bench. I was totally excited but had never done this sort of thing with my boyfriend's knowledge and approval. What a rush!! Within a few minutes,  A guy knocks on the door and got let in. "There he is." I heard Master Jerry announce and then continue with, "enjoy that perfect ass and shoot your load in his hole if you can." The man stood between my legs, unzipped and opened his jeans, then rubbed his warm soft dick between my cheeks. He got hard pretty fast and started sliding his prick against my hole, using his pre-cum as lube. I was really aching to feel that first dick slide into me! He stopped sliding his cock and deliberately placed his dick head against my hole and started to push. I could feel his head start to enter my body and then, with minor effort, his whole dick pushed into me very fast. That familiar wave of pain washed over me. It's a pain many bottoms know. It's really just a muscle spasm that subsides after about 15-30 seconds. But I didn't have him pull out, I just wanted him inside me. I didn't care about the pain, which is temporary anyway. He pounded my ass for a few minutes and, as he's fucking me, I hear a couple more guys coming into the room. I'm getting really turned on because I know I've already committed to fucking these guys, even though I have no idea who they are. That's the whole point of 'no load refused," you're agreeing to fuck anyone who shows up, no matter what. The next two guys strip (I think) and take me from both ends. One guy's uncut cock is in my mouth and the other guy was thrusting into my now wet and opened up hole. They switched off a couple of times until they both busted their nut into my hole. 3 loads in. The next several guys were a blur because they all arrived right around the same time and had similar sized dicks...except for the big black cock that nearly split me in halfbut it also felt so damned goooood! After all those guys, I think my total was about 8 or 9. Luckily Master Jerry was keeping count. The next couple of guys were an actual couple, one older guy and his younger boyfriend. The older guy pulled me off the fuck bench and on to a bed. He pinned me face down while his younger boyfriend mounted me from behind. I'm pretty sure those guys were making out while one was fucking me and the other had his dick shoved down my throat. Both came like that, so I was guzzling cum while my hole was simultaneously being flooded. I kid you not, all that cum pumped into my ass makes my head spin into a euphoric swirl. I feel very happy and a bit loopy. The next several guys were a blur, but I remember feeling a series of guys slide into me, one after the other, and pump their loads in me. I had lost count by this time but Master Jerry was on it, using a  black sharpie to put tick marks on my ass. Cum was leaking down my legs and it felt incredible. By the end of the event, I had taken 18 loads in about an hour. Not bad!! Yes, I'm proud of my first whore out, and I've done many since. My record is 45 loads pumped into me at one event!!

Sucking Dick and Being a Good Bottom Is Truly An Art

Ryan Carter sucking off Jack Wolf

My latest hookup was with Jack Wolf, a towering 6'4 muscle daddy with a huge fat cock. I arrived at his apartment in Ft. Lauderdale around 8PM on quiet weeknight. We made out hard and he pulled me up off the floor to demonstrate his size and strength. This guy could easily toss  around my 200 lbs of muscle. He was big and strong, and, as we were kissing, we stripped down quickly and he pulled me over to the shower. I dropped to my knees and began working over his fat cock. As he got hard, he told me to open my mouth and commanded, "take my piss, boy." I obediently did as instructed and his warm clear stream hit my mouth and tongue. His piss was clear and sweet tasting. Jack made me feel totally submissive to him as he asserted his dominance over me. When he was done releasing his piss, he pulled me over to the bed, to toss me down on my hands and knees and he dove face first into my twitching hole. His tongue licked and slid into me as he literally made out with my muscle pussy. Jack got up on his knees and flopped his dick onto my hole as he pushed into me. His fat dick slid in and opened me up very quickly. Almost too quickly.  But the pain subsided and he was railing my hole in no time. He flipped me over and fucked me missionary until I shot my load all over my own stomach. Jack said it was going to take a long time for him to cum and since I just shot my load, I was sorta done. He's a good sport and told me it was totally OK to call it a night. My ass was twitching and tingling as he pulled his super swollen cock out of me. Watch the whole video on our fans pages. RC can be found on JustFor.Fans, TopFansVids, RawFuckClub, and OnlyFans or you can check out Jack's OnlyFans link is here

Ryan Carter taking Jack Wolf's fat cock in their latest Fans vid

Telling Digger About My Slutty Adventures

If I'm being completely honest, I was a little nervous about telling my boyfriend about that first whore out night. I just had never been so...open...with a boyfriend before. I arrived at his door (we didn't yet live together), took a deep breath and went in. He was sitting with wide eyes, clearly eager to hear about my adventure. I sat down next to him on the sofa, and as I started to tell him the set up, he said, "pull your shorts down, I want to play with your used hole." I pulled my shorts down and there was already a wet spot in the middle of the ass. He fingered my cum soaked hole as I told him every detail from the night. He got so turned on from what I had done and from fingering my wet ass, his cock popped up hard. Digger gave me a mischievous look, lifted me up, bent me over the sofa and plunged his 8" dick into me. Cum seeped out along his shaft and into his pubes. He grunted and groaned and pumped my 19th load into me. He pulled out his swollen cock and said, 'Ok, now tell me again what happened tonight." From that day forward, I have told Digger about every sexual adventure, hook up, whore out, whatever. He knows literally everything. This is how he became my best friend. If I can tell him about my extreme sexual experiences without judgment, then I can tell him anything...and I do.

As a licensed mental health professional, I constantly advocate for complete honesty in your primary relationship...especially if you want your partner to be your best friend and confidante. It's possible. I speak from experience; Digger and I are living proof!

My Next Whore Out

Ryan Carter's next Whore Out is Friday, April 15th, 6pm-12am at the Hollywood La Brea Inn; presented by Hung Aladdin. Wanna fuck RC's.incredible, smooth, muscle ass? NOW'S your chance.

Friday, April 15th from 6pm-midnight at Hollywood La-Brea Inn.
DESCRIPTION: Adult performer Ryan Carter (RCandDigger) will be taking ALL LOADS for face-down, ass-up PUMP n DUMP on Fri, April 15 from 8PM-midnight. NO LOAD REFUSED. RC is into all kinds of men. Poppers/weed ok.  ABSOLUTELY NO PNP. This event is FREEE however it will be filmed by HungAladdinmasks are avail and we will respect anonymity if requested. WE are trying to get as much dick and cum pumped into RC as possible to beat his 45 load record. Hollywood LaBrea Inn (room # sent out day of event). If you want to join the fun, please RSVP to @HungAladdin on Twitter or text him 831-687-9052. Keep in mind, that this event is a gang-bang Pump 'n' Dump event. This is NOT a group sex party, RC will be the only bottom taking cock and loads...Please no strict voyeurs, only participants should attend. We will remove attendees who are inebriated, high or inappropriate.

Cybersocket: Plug In. Get Off. Questions? Comments? Email us at [email protected].

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