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Raging Stallion’s “Ride Or Die” Adds Two More Installments To This Ongoing Sexual Powerhouse Series


Raging Stallion has been releasing episodes of its sexually intense ongoing series Ride Or Die, adding two more segments this past week. Featuring some explosive interracial action, these episodes further the drama and story of Warden Cole Connor's diabolical network of using prisoners as sex gifts to wealthy clients, reaching from his prison all the way to the governor's own office. You'll be happy to know that besides viewing each great episode at Raging Stallion, the directors' cut of the entire series is now available at the Falcon/NakedSword store. You can get the first five episodes in Ride Or Die: Raw Deal and the concluding four episodes in Ride Or Die: Hard Time. In addition, they're offering both DVDs along with a limited addition t-shirt for a special low price.

"Ride Or Die: Sexual Politics"

Powerhouse top man Max Konnor as the story's governor is met by his aide (and sexual sidekick) Grayson Lange, who tells Hizonor he has special intelligence regarding the sex ring at Riders Correctional Facility. But in exchange for singing like a stool pigeon, the cute twunk wants some sexual favors from his boss. Since his wife travels more, Max is able to spread his seed to others like Grayson who crave it. The young man is quick to his knees as Max hauls his massive meat out of his suit pants, a tempting treat which Grayson hungrily devours. He's all over that pole, slobbering and salivating over every inch as he expertly gulps it down, getting it to an angry, raging hardness. Up on his hands and knees, his tender ass spread under his trenched out jockstrap, the governor fingers his hole before pressing his flared head against his pucker, pressing in deeply as Grayson lets out a slightly pained but exuberant series of moans and grunts as he wills his asshole to accommodate the impressive cock. In the living room, and then in the bedroom, Max pummels the kid until he's fucking a nut out of him before he explodes all over Grayson's sweet face. Post-coital as the two snuggle, Max reveals that Grayson isn't the only purveyor of prison infothat he has someone else on the inside. The answer to that mystery to be revealed in a later episode.

"Ride Or Die: Bad Rap"

In a wicked fifth episode, inmate Beau Butler is given over to rap star Andre Donovan and his agent, Pheonix Fellington by casino mogul Pierce Paris for an afternoon of coerced sexual escapades. Is it rape if Beau seems to enjoy it so much? I'll let you decide. Delivered to the recording artist's home by a prison guard, Beau has little choice but to give over his award-winning holes to the two well-endowed studs. Beau being Beau, he makes the most of aa bad situation, relishing the aggressive manner in which Andre and Pheonix assault his throat. Andre is delightfully verbally gruff; you can hear the underlying threat that comes if Beau doesn't perform as expected. Beau sucks the two massive dicks down like a champ, choking and relenting as his mouth and air tube are invaded by so much flesh. He's stretched between them as they take turns pumping his face and rimming his hairy hole before Pheonix first presses his cock in swiftly and deeply, going balls to the hilt as he's throat fucked by Andre. The three look amazing together as Beau rides Andre's pole reverse cowboy style, getting his own cock sucked by the hungry Pheonix. I love watching Beau's full hirsute beauty on display as his hole is filled, and this camera angle and position does this impeccably. Turning to face Andre, Beau's ass is now open to either man as he grinds first on Andre, then stands a bit to let Pheonix in, and back to Andre, this back and forth going on for quite some time in a display of bottom piggishness that is spectacular to watch. Speaking of piggy behavior, Pheonix, when not sticking his manhood in Beau's ass, is on his knees lapping at Andre's balls and Beau's ass as Andre's plows those cheeks, or he's taking Andre's meat with the taste of Beau's hole deep down his own throat.

When Andre blows his load all over Beau's furry hole and breeds him with the creamy mess, it turns out not to be the only explosive ending in store for this trio. Hint...never leave a gun in reach of a convict you're raping.

Plug In and Get Off at Raging Stallion to watch the first five episodes of Ride Or Die or find the DVDs at the Falcon/NakedSword store.

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