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Michael Roman and Rob Montana Are More Than Just “Backroom Cruising” At Men Over 30


Let These Flip-Fucking Daddies Show You How It's Done!

Michael Roman and Rob Montana are two flip-fucking powerhouses giving us their all for Pride Studios' Men Over 30 channel in "Backroom Cruising." These two are incredible together, and well matched in a contrasting way. Michael is tall and powerfully built with ornate tattoos covering his smooth skin, whereas Rob is a bit older and nicely hairy with a more tautly defined body and a gorgeous salt-n-pepper beard. These two leather kinksters have their way with each other in a decked out backroom complete with chains and a sling, with a nicely-placed St. Andrew's Cross just for ambiance.

The eroticism starts right away as the two stand, hands on the sling chains, looking each other up and down as they rub their bulging cocks through their shorts and jocks. Now you may be thinking, "Just get to it already!" Mais non, mon frere! Patience, for the slow build of masculine energy and heat that comes with cruising, slowly creating the sexual energy, edging almost, is what makes this so hot. Not jumping right into sucking and fucking, but letting the juices come to a slow boil. Establishing the ache of anticipation as foreplay is an art form lost to the immediate gratification we've all come to know and expect. So they take a bit of time before they step forward and begin to kiss. But when they do...damn! What a connection they make.

Rob is like yer boy Hank here, going for the pits and the tits, getting his face in deep, inhaling, tasting, before he hits the dick. And man does he love Michael's fat dick, his mouth filled with man-meat as his ears are filled with Michael's low growl dirty talk. His bearded face is so damn handsome with a muscle stud's meat sliding in and out. He's a very oral person and he wants to taste all of Michael, which includes his ass. Michael turns around and puts himself facedown in the sling, reaching back to spread his cheeks for Rob's probing tongue.

Of course all that rimming just drives  them both crazy with lust and Rob is soon standing and pressing his daddy dick in deep as Michael moans out repeatedly how good it feels, feeling Rob's manhood slide in and out and begin a rhythmic pumping that stretches his bottom's ass. Michael responds with passionate intensity as the sensation of Rob's PA touches all the right places deep inside. It must be doing a lot for Rob as well, as he's soon driven to a frenzy, pulling out to dump his load over Michael's crack before shoving it back in to breed him with his remaining drops.

Of course, these two being versatile studs, it's Rob's turn in the sling and his brick shithouse-built buddy takes his position and drives his own thick pole deep in Rob's hairy hole. Rob is loving every inch of Michael's pipe, and he looks incredible laid back, his hairy pierced nips flexing, a wide smile stretched across his face as his backside is taken with powerful pumping until he's bred in a similar manner. Just fantastic.

Plug In and Get Off with these two at Men Over 30.

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