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Leo Is Lookin’ For Lust In Latin Leche’s “El Dorado Pt. 1.”


And He's Finding It In All the Wrong Places.

Latin Leche is trying a bit of a story arc over a few scenes as Leo, a handsome, smooth-chested top, seeks to cure his loneliness. Having engaged in a fun four-way in a park, he spends his time in "El Dorado, Pt. 1" picking up the equally cute Lorenzo at a bus station where he loves him and leaves him. Well...fucks him and then tells him to leave. Same difference. And no, I don't know why the previous scene "Fantasy Island" wasn't called "El Dorado Pt. 1" and this is part two but there ya have it.

As we open, Leo is cruising around in his car looking for...anything, or rather anyone to distract him from his angsty loneliness. He sees Lorenzo waiting (cruising?) at a bus stop and the two catch each other's eye. Lorenzo is quick to jump into the cute guy's car as they both give each other an eyeful with their mutual package adjusting, and they're driving away to find some place secluded. The side of the busy road isn't quite secluded; it's more "hiding in plain sight" but it works just fine as Leo pulls over and hauls out his nicely thick uncut sausage for Lorenzo to chow down on. And he does so with a rapacious hunger, sucking him down as the traffic speeds by outside, sliding his head up and down guided unnecessarily by Leo's hand.

At Leo's suggestion the two wind up at Lorenzo's place where Leo wants to skip any social graces of conversation and getting to know each other and get right to the fucking. He pushes Lorenzo down who recommences his BJ from the car with the only purpose of getting him hard again for his ass. Bent over, Leo presses in slowly, allowing Lorenzo a chance to acclimate himself to his dick's girth before he begins a steady, rhythmic drilling, placing his hands on Lorenzo's back and pressing him down into the mattress as he fills his backside with hard young cock, slamming in good while his toy of the hour silently moans.

Pulling out to get some more head, Leo then lays back and lets Lorenzo ride his dick until he's reached his limit. There's an odd silence between them, giving off the intended vibe that this is a perfunctory quick fuck, and that's all. Back on his knees, Lorenzo opens his mouth and takes one ropey strand of jizz after another into this mouth and on his tongue, savoring the taste and slurping it down, cleaning his top's head and shaft like a good boy.

Of course, eschewing any further involvement, Leo is left laying alone when he tells Lorenzo he can go now. (Now, we don't know why he was left alone in Lorenzo's apt. Ooops! Continuity error!) There's a follow up scene coming, which is great because Leo's a bit of a hottie to watch. He's an emo fuck and that ain't bad.

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