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Go-Go Boy Spotlight: Eddie Danger from Washington, DC


"Go-Go dancers are basically hype men."
Eddie Danger is a name (and dick) you should know. The famed pansexual DC go-go boy and porn star is the latest writer to join the Cybersocket team. Get ready to live dangerously with the new column Danger Zone.

Get to know Eddie Danger a bit better in the sexy, new Cybersocket Go-Go Boy Spotlight interview below.

Hometown: Washington DC

Go-Go Boy Nickname: The newcomers usually call me something fatherly: Ol’ Man Danger, Uncle Ed, Daddy Danger, shit like that.

I’ve been doing this for over a decade. I have an established reputation. I’m trustworthy. I don’t stab people in the back. I have everything a dancer would need in my bag. People know to come to me if they need something. I’m helpful and don’t require reciprocation. I’m also sober and maintain professionalism (Professionalism changes shape based on the nature of the gig. I’m good at finding that sweet spot).

I’m not the person who asks for that distinction, it’s just how things always seem to go. Management has often used me as an intermediary to speak to the boys and get everyone straight for the night. I keep an eye out for people. It’s just how I exist in the structure of the nightclub.

People just want somebody that they can trust, it’s especially rare in nightlife. So, they are quick to identify the “den mother”. It’s always been like being the designated driver. Thankless, but you get to see your boys shine, and the satisfaction of knowing that you contributed to their comfort in an otherwise uneasy profession and happiness.

Venues you dance at: After Order 66 (the Covid-19 Pandemic), Washington DC lost all of their consistent Go-Go opportunities and the dancers have exiled themselves to the remote recesses of the tri-state area.

I’ve been dancing for circuit events at a venue named Karma and travel often for featured appearances in other states. But, nothing consistent. I’ve done a ton of pop ups to maintain my abilities. I’m on stage at least twice a month consistently in some capacity. Examples of pop up gigs: pole-dancing showcases, aerial acrobatic gigs, stilt walking, promotional modeling for conventions, one-man shows, appearances on television or theater, stuff like that. There’s so much to do as a male stripper that isn’t as simple as dancing on a box for an evening.

Favorite thing to wear while dancing: These days, I love jackets. Since I quit drinking, I found that I get bored doing the usual two-step. I enjoy having outfits that have multiple parts so I can take some off, keep others on. It’s all a part of the strip tease.

I also love versatility. So, if I’m wearing a snap back, flipping it around provides different opportunities to entertain. Hat-ography or just a style choice.


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Have you ever hooked up with a club patron? Absolutely—as long as my relationship to the club permits that sort of behavior. It’s important to stay cognizant that you’re representing a nightclub and their ownership while under their employment.

Easter Saturday, a few years back at Town, beside the dumpster. Security said all they could see were rabbit ears bopping around in the darkness and the shape of my cock when I pulled out and lifted up my stripper panties (cotton tail pinned to the back) lol.

Yeah. I’ve hooked up with people under the stage before my one-man shows to give me an edge. In the public restrooms between sets. On the balcony. In my dressing room. In closets. You name it, I’ve probably done it.

I pissed in my employer’s mouth from right on my box one evening. I got his attention and told him I was going to take a restroom break. He offered himself as a urinal. Since he hired me, I didn’t see this as anything nefarious. I also didn’t feel like shoving through the sea of sweaty, musty, naked men in jock straps just for the comfort of a private stall (and to probably be monitored by everyone else trying to fuck each other in the bathrooms). So, like magic, my bladder was empty, and I never had to move.

If the club allows and encourages you to have that type of fun while you’re working, I say go do it. There are only so many “that was time and a place” opportunities left. Things are more legitimate and monitored these days. Rightfully so. But, there is that sense of excitement missing from the late nights.

Have you ever hooked up with another dancer? A couple of times. I’ve done it as a collaboration for my JustFor.Fans site. I’ve done it while touring the country (you feel like you can let your hair down a little when you’re away from home). I’ve done it locally, but I wouldn’t recommend it because everybody always knows everybody’s business—even from across the country, so don’t think a local fling with a colleague isn’t going to affect you. It may become a major thorn in your side for years on end. You just never know. Try not to fuck your colleagues unless everybody understands that it’s No Strings Attached (however, we all know how “NSA” things really go down).

I had a really great time with a boy in the back of FUBar before he became a leading twink pornstar. We also fucked in the back of his car on the way back to the Airbnb I was staying at downtown. And then again in a parking garage in West Hollywood about a year later. Absolutely best boy-hole I’ve ever had. He drained the cum from my balls in under five minutes in that parking garage. It usually takes me a full hour to feel satisfied. Not that boy. His ass felt as good as it looks on camera (which is quite rare if I’m being completely honest about inner-industry hookups).

Favorite thing about being a Go-Go boy? The people. I love the people that I have met across the world through Go-Go- dancing. I love the memories that I have within the Go-Go brotherhood. I love when they want to have a good time because I want to have a good time too. Go-Go dancers are basically hype men. We are there to keep the party going and to be fully immersed in the nonsense. We are THE FUN PATROL, encouraging you to have the best night of your life!

What is your signature dance move? My backbends or splits are what folks usually ask me to do. I am crazy flexible.

What do you think the best part of your body is? I have to say my cock. It’s always been large, commanding, but approachable—like me. I’ve always been a presence, but not with such grandiosity that makes me unrelatable. I’m a safe but, impressive, boyfriend dick.

People comment on my abs a lot because I have a deep defined line in between the two columns of abdominal muscles. They say it’s like a reservoir. People often ask to cum in it. I say, go ahead as long as I can film it.

Biggest pet peeve when people are tipping you? The dance of it all. I don’t like when customers wave money around and make a whole show of the transaction. It feels like performative charity sometimes.

On the flip side, they’ll be waving dollars around to try to get you to dance extra for the tip. “You’ve got to work for it” is burned into the deepest caverns of hatred within me. I’m not a Fortune Teller Machine. I’m already dancing. You don’t slip in an extra quarter for THE REAL SHOW. If you want to see a pole trick or something specific, be direct and I’ll get around to it when it feels right. Go-Go dancers always have a ton of eyeballs on them. If you want some special show, it must look natural to the other spectators.

FOOTNOTE: I also understand that people sometimes interact with Go-Go dancers or strippers as a way to get over their anxiety, testing the waters on how it feels to “hit on” someone or slide someone your number. Dancers also use the artificial social dynamics between stripper and customer to get through their own issues. It’s important to be patient with both parties because they both ended up here somehow and it’s usually a complicated story.

Biggest pet peeve about working with other go-go boys? The irresponsible use of drugs. To be completely honest, I never wanted to be the kind of sober guy who complains about drug use in the industry. But I’ve had to throw too many giant, naked, 200+ pound Go-Go gladiators over my shoulder and drag them out of the club we were dancing at because they took too much GHB. I’ve lost too many friends to addiction issues.

Go have fun in whatever way you want, but I’m not getting involved. I don’t want to hear about it either. I don’t know nothin’. I don’t see nothin’. I didn’t hear nothin’. You’re just happy because you love the art of Go-Go dancing. That’s all I need to know.

Just don’t bring strangers into my dressing room so you can do blow in peace. My valuables are back there and I get naked in my dressing room. I’m not looking for an audience in my break room. So, keep the drugs out of my dressing room unless you’re also a dancer and can exhibit some measure of authority over the situation. If someone starts rooting through my things, stop them. We’re a brotherhood and live by a code. Don’t let the drugs affect your trustworthiness. We’re still team mates at the end of the night. We all want peace.

What advice would you give to a new go-go dancer? Have fun! Most people don’t do the job for longer than a few months. For those of us who have been in the game for a while, we have something else that we are getting from it—whether it’s community or a sense of belonging, you name it. It’s easy to find family in nightlife. It’s the only family some of us have.

The best thing you could do to improve your performance is to make sure that your smile is authentic. Don’t act too tired and over-it to try to fit in with the more jaded dancers. The job is to have fun and invite people into the party. You are the fun ambassador. You need to be having fun first.

What is the last TV show you bing-watched? My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.

Top 3 favorite movies? Godzilla, but only in theaters. I don’t watch long-form films unless it’s a commitment to visiting a theater. In that case, it has to be some big event: like the disappointment of every new Star Wars movie or the immersive experience of modern Godzilla’s monsterverse.

What hobbies do you have? I’ve been doing aerial chains for almost a year now. It’s an aerial acrobatic artform that uses iron chains as the apparatus. It’s an incredible workout. I roller skate often. I have marathon sex for hours on end. I play music—guitar and drums, but not as much these days, although I’m going to be incorporating drums into my newest project that’s still being developed. I’m focused on dancing and aerial chains for now.

Do you have a hidden talent? I can take a huge dildo up my ass. I’m not a committed bottom or even vers. I’ve just never had a problem adjusting to accommodate the grandiosity of others.

Single or taken? Currently single. I’m seeing someone. I’m teaching someone else how to drive. There is currently a lot of love in my life. I’m not here to “take” or “be taken by” anyone. Consent is sexy and so is the choice to spend time with someone. I like every date to feel like a new, romantic adventure. I like my apartment to be a safe space for people to be who they really want to be. My relationships usually take the form of a friendship and develop from there. No less passionate than relationships that aim for LOVE and MARRIAGE from the jump, just more honest. Friendship is the most important aspect of being a boyFRIEND/girlFRIEND/theyFRIEND.

(I had to ask my last partner “Are you even my friend?” because the way they treated me didn’t seem to align with the respect and understanding that I experienced from those folks in my life that I wasn’t committed to. This is not uncommon.)

Perfect romantic date: An evening of long, passionate sex. Cuddling all night. Waking up at odd hours throughout to fuck. Morning sex. Unshowerd, messy breakfast at a local diner in the morning. *Chef’s kiss*

Favorite sex position: It really depends on the type of partner that I have. I enjoy missionary with my hands firmly pulling my partner’s hips toward me because I have a thing for gripping torsos and wrapping my hands around thighs as their legs quiver from the intensity of each thrust.

I love helping people fit my entire cock down their throat. People make a challenge out of it. So, my second favorite position is standing, with someone kneeling before me with their mouth open and available for hard cock and warm cum.

Celebrity crush: I don’t follow celebrities often. But, I did see a shirtless Tom Holland in the new Spider-Man movie. Tom Holland also performed in drag with his Spider-Man co-lead, Zendaya on a show called Lip Sync Battle. In that moment, I realized that the future looks bright for those of us in the queer umbrella and the youth is on the right track. He’s gorgeous, he’s an acrobat, and seems like he’d be a fun bottom.

Check out photos of Eddie in action below, and tune in Fridays for his new Cybersocket column Danger Zone.

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