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Flashback Friday Pays a Visit To Bucks County (2) Courtesy of Raging Stallion


Bucks County? More like "Fucks County!"

Back in 2013, Raging Stallion released "Bucks County 2: Road To Temptation," starring Woody Fox, Joey Cooper, Ryan Rose, Jason Goodman, Jack King, Vance Crawford, Liam Magnuson, and Kip Johnson. Directed by award-winning directors Tony Dimarco and Bruno Bond, it features all-American, next-door types of jock types with a rural flair. Pastures, barns, corrals, and whatnot are the settings for these spontaneous exchanges of lust and desire between blue collar, hard-working types. In this scene, Jack and Vance let their passion loose in a barn.

These studs hit the ground running, entering the barn and wasting no time getting down to the work at hand. It ain't a chore, it's a pleasure, as Vance gets on his knees before Jack has had a chance to get his pants undone. These two sexy brunettes are amazing looking in this setting, with their hard, defined bodies bulging in the warm air with its blue collar vibe. I love watching Vance's cute trimmed stubbly face as he gets down and sucks on Jack's low-hangers, popping his balls one by one in and out of his mouth as his buddy leans back on a hay bale. Jack is simply a bit of an adonis, with his broad muscular chest, dark hair, large aquiline nose and olive toned skin. Something about his dark thick eyebrows makes him even sexier: primal and slightly dangerous. He lays back with his hand languidly placed on Vance's head as he guides his bottom's face up and down on his hard shaft.

Laid out on a bale, Vance raises his legs high and wide, offering up his tight and eager hole to the horny Jack. Pressing in hard, Jack takes no time getting in deep, pressing his pole all the way into Vance's hungry hole and quickly ramping up to a steady battering rhythm. They look incredible together, joined flesh to flesh as their bodies writhe and pump, their skin sweating deliciously from the effort. Jack proceeds to take Vance's ass in a variety of positions: face to face where they can share manly kisses as Jack pumps Vance deep from below, or bent over as Vance moans "Yeah, fuck me....fuck me!" It's here when Jack pushes himself over the edge, eventually pushing Vance down and spraying his creamy load over Vance's taut, beautiful pecs.

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