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Franco Emar Is Having “Deja Vu In Argentina” Over At Masqulin


Friends Reunite With Some Necked Hot Tub Action.

Masqulin's "Deja Vu In Argentina" answers the age-old question "Have I fucked here before?" Grosso XL has always wanted to visit Argentina, so when the opportunity arose to visit his old buddy Franco Emar, he jumped at the chance. Once settled into his rented digs, he invites his younger friend over for a visit. Having fashioned himself into a bit of a hustler, Franco's had some playtime in a lot of locations. When you've had as much sex as he has, one can forget some of the faces and places where cocks got sucked and asses got fucked. When he steps into his friend's gorgeous home, he gets an overwhelming sense of déja vu. Did he get fucked here once? It seems like only replaying what might have been will trigger his memory. So let's get those cocks out!

Franco is a beautiful young man, with his taut smooth body boasting some fine definition while maintaining a boyish charm. Next to the elaborately-tatted hardbody that is Grosso, the two make a fine-looking pair of dissimilar masculine attractiveness. But when they start banging, the erotic energy is definitely a one-to-one match. Franco mentions his feelings of memory to Grosso, who takes this as his cue to haul out his long, fat uncut slab of meat and see if it jars more memories! Franco is quick to his knees, swallowing down his buddy's pole, giving him the welcome to his city that he deserves. Grosso's biker looks and vibe lean to an aggressive attitude he plays up well, taking verbally dominant control as he face-fucks Franco's sweet mouth. It's a tasty treat enjoyed in more than one location as they move their play all over the apartment with Franco sucking Grosso anywhere he's told to. Spread out on the couch, the handsome bearded muscle bear digs his face deep into Franco's smooth hole, lapping and slurping as he makes Franco squirm in squealing delight. Stroking his cock between his thighs, Grosso can use Franco's dick as a lever to pull him back and forth onto his probing tongue as he readies him for his cock.

Over at the staircase, Franco bends over and Grosso slides in, filling his backside with the sweet and painful pressure of his impressive dick. Franco is up for some rough pounding and Grosso gives him all he's got, slamming into him with increasing gusto, the temperature rising between them, their gorgeous bodies humping and pumping in unison.

Things get  really fun when they move to the hot tub on the roof where, under the blazing daylight sun, the two bring each other to the brink. Franco can't get enough of Grosso's manhood, whether it's down his throat or up his tight hole. With the water splashing about them as they move, Franco is swallowing Grosso down before he bends over the rim of the tub to spread his hole one more time. The two build to a sweaty frenzy, and soon Franco is doused in manly cream. Their energy wanes and they can sink into the relaxing water as Grosso contemplates what other tantalizing offerings he can find in this new city.

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