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Felix Fox: Top 5 Ways to Impress a Bottom


There is no denying that Felix Fox has one of the hottest and most-demand asses in the industry. He’s taken every size cock like a champ, with those perfectly muscled cheeks springing up from the screen like 3-D. To make things hotter, he has an amazing personality to match his on-screen ability. He is also super horny in real life, whether a camera is there or not. We will be spending a lot of time with Felix at the next Anthony John Presents PigDaddy in Palm Springs on March 26 AND for our next Live Fan Q & A online on Tuesday, April 5.

As a specialist on the issue, he stopped by to share his Top 5 Ways to Impress a Bottom:


I would say that the first and arguably the most important way that a top can impress a bottom is for the top to constantly be checking in with the bottom and making sure they are comfortable and are having fun. This means that the top is keeping the bottom’s best interest in the forefront of their mind all throughout sex, and making sure they are having fun and staying safe.

This happens, thankfully, with almost every top that I meet. A prime example would be with my first ever OnlyFans collaboration, which happened to be with none other than Cade Maddox. He was constantly checking in with me and making sure that I was OK. Always asking me if I was comfortable, and making sure that I was breathing properly because I do tend to hold my breath during sex when my partner’s dick is massive, which makes opening up exceedingly difficult. Especially with a cock like his, opening up is of the utmost importance. Now, that isn’t to say that he was asking me every 30 seconds if I was it was OK. Doing that can take the bottom out of the experience. No no, he knows very well what he is doing. But, every time we changed positions or every time I would get a little extra loud, he would just verify that I was OK–which made me feel amazing!


The second way that a top can impress a bottom would be to help them explore themselves. This can imply helping them explore their kinks, or overcoming certain sexual discomforts. Basically, just being sexually adventurous :-)

This happens to me pretty much every time I have sex with Devin Franco. He is always pushing me to my limits and showing me new avenues of sex that I never knew existed. Now, naturally, Devin Franco is known as the King of Kinks in the porn world. He is absolutely fearless, & is known for being very sexually adventurous, so obviously he would be the optimal person to explore your sexual fantasies with. He is the horny king of the sexual wilderness that is kink, so if you’re wanting a partner that will show you the ropes (quite literally) of the path less traveled in sex, he is your man (or Dom).

Gotta love that boy ;-)


The third thing that a top can do to impress a bottom, as well as what a bottom can do to impress a top, is to display confidence in oneself.

I have experienced partners all across the dartboard, where they have had confidence at the top of Pike’s Peak, or confidence lower than the Mariana Trench. Confidence directly translates to how much you allow yourself to sexually express yourself. For some people, when they are the most confident, it turns them into a dominant beast. For others, their confidence shows through their stamina in the bedroom. Personally, it turns me on so much when somebody rocks my world with a commanding presence, and knows how to fuck me with conviction. Fuck me like you mean it ;-) Whether that is being confident physically, or being verbally dominant, peremptory action turns me the fuck on.


Number four is definitely the most important way to impress a bottom. And that is by making sure that snacks and beverages are on standby. I’m just kidding.

Number four aligns with number one, being that a very important way a top can impress a bottom is to be understanding and tolerant, which is something not a lot of people would guess. To exaggerate for the sake of providing an adequate example, this means that if the bottom has had little to no sexual experience, and the top is quite advanced in terms of sexual experience, then the top must be aware of that disparity, and has the foresight for what the bottom will be able to physically and/or mentally tolerate during sex. The same goes for the bottom. If the two levels of experience are out of sync, then it is always up to the person with more experience to not only be aware of that but also understand that sex with a said partner might not be as freaky as sex with, say, Devin Franco or Brock Banks.

Jumping back to the example provided in number one, and also why I can personally say numbers one and four go hand-in-hand, is when Cade Maddox and I hooked up, the difference in experience would be, from any exogenous point of view, egregious, to say the least. However, he took things very slow and allowed me time to open myself up, before he really started to pound me like the little slut I am. I think prior to him, I had only had sex with three or four guys… Not an impressive roster when you’re up against one of the top gay porn stars in the US!


I think number five is a given for any sort of list that quantifies sexual intercourse…

Having a fun, positive, and memorable demeanor is something that I believe makes it or breaks it for sex. I think the definition of the word fun in the sentence above is open to interpretation. Whether that is fast, hot, and kinky sex, or it is slow, passionate, and beautiful sex, it’s important that the top, as well as the bottom, display that they are having fun (granted they actually are having fun). Now, having a positive attitude in any situation in life will always establish the mood & will be conducive for success, let alone in sex. I can say the discrepancy between sex that is fun & sex where it’s a chore is night & day, y’all. And being memorable can encompass everything here, meaning that the top is keeping their bottom’s safety in mind, helping them to burst out of their comfort zone/try something new, and carrying themselves with confidence like they belong deep inside of me.

What reminds me of this was one of the wildest and most memorable filming experiences I have ever had. I’m referring to the time I shot with Liam Knox in San Francisco. Not only is he jacked as hell, but he knows it. It’s the sort of confidence that is sexy and sweet. The raw energy that man exudes is powerful and commanding. The most memorable part about that experience was his ability to navigate my body flawlessly and soothe my prostate, before proceeding to pound it to the point where I climaxed almost 20 times within an hour. He is so dedicated to his craft and, mark my words, any bottom who is going to have sex with him is going to have the time of their life. He had me begging for more and more, and when he gave me more, I couldn’t stop moaning to the point where my voice gave out. And yet I wanted even more. I guess I’m just a greedy little slut :-) Every second I spent with him was heaven, a sensual trip to the firmament where I was walking with Zeus and all those other sexy fuckers.

I hope this top-five helped any top who is trying to impress an elusive bottom, or is the icing on top for a cake that they cannot wait to eat ;-)


Felix Fox

Get to know Felix Fox live at Anthony John Presents PigDaddy in Palm Springs on March 26, and from the comfort of your couch for our next Live Fan Q & A online on Tuesday, April 5 beginning 5:30 PM PST/8:30 EST.

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