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Kenzo Alvarez Snowplows Drew Dixon’s Back 40 In Falcon’s Upcoming “Winter Skyy Riders”


Turns Out George Costanza's Excuse that It Was Cold In the Pool Was Just That...An Excuse.

The debut of the first scene from Falcon Studios' new full-length title coming soon, Winter Skyy Riders proves it's another title to keep an eye out on. Starring Drew Dixon and Kenzo Alvarez, the two Falcon virgins (this is their first time working for the famed studio) are put in the great outdoors in a beautiful wooded location...in winter. WINTER! Snow and everything. And damn do they manage to keep it up despite the chilly surroundings. The cold seems to have no effect on their lust or their hard-ons as Kenzo (snow) plows Drew's holes, all directed by acclaimed duo Raph North and Iza Elle. Other stars in the upcoming flick are Tony Dangelo, Benjamin Blue, Skyy Knox, Tayler Tash, and Gabriel Clark. Additional scenes start appearing March 25th. The men, the location, the sex...it all makes for a gorgeous thing to view.

Kenzo is finishing up a hike in the snowy woods when he comes across his buddy Drew who waits (on an oddly advantageously-placed bench...in the middle of nowhere) to warm him up. With his throat-stretching fat dick exposed, Drew is on his knees and doing his best to deep-throat the fucker, stuffing that sausage down and giving some nice gagging and sputtering as he swallows it with sexually charged gusto.

These two look absolutely incredible when Drew rises and slides his hole down on Kenzo's buster in a reverse cowboy, bouncing up and down as his ass engulfs his buddy's pole. Maybe the metal and wood of the bench was too cold, so they move over to a tree where Drew can grab some balance, leaning in against the rough arbor as Kenzo proceeds to pound his backside with stunning energy. Drew is an accomplished cock slut and he almost dares Kenzo in his pleadings to fuck him even harder and faster, a challenge which Kenzo almost gruffly rises to. Moving to another conveniently-located bench outfitted with a cross plank for Drew to balance on, his legs over Kenzo's shoulders as his ass gets taken, the two create a stunning image of rippled muscles humping and pumping in the great outdoors. I have to admit I was a bit concerned for Drews safety as the bench rocked back and forth under the stress both men were putting it under, but Drew's body and rotator cuffs came through unscathed.

The whole things culminates in two explosive jizz loads: one from Drew fucked out of him all over his belly, and one from Kenzo, blowing his load over Drew's hand before he stuffs it all back in his ass to give him a bit of a breeding. The cold wisps of breath were coming thick and heavy at the end there, and how Kenzo has the energy to continue his hiking after that workout is beyond me.

Plug In and Get Off with Kenzo and Drew at Falcon Studios by clicking that banner below.

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