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Bennett Anthony and Aaron Trainer Share “Sexual Chemistry” at Extra Big Dicks


The Pixies Sang About BBC. Was It This One?

Ya know what's better than watching a hot hairy ginger fuck? Watching a hot hairy ginger get fucked! And if that hot hairy ginger is Bennet Anthony getting fucked by muscle daddy Aaron Trainer's impressive slab of hard flesh, then all the better. Over at the Pride Studios channel Extra Big Dicks, these two daddies go at each other with the masculine energy of two guys away from their wives. And it feeds my fantasy that these two look like dads I'd see at a hardware store some weekend. Bennett is a a tatted hairy ginger slut with open holes that have Aaron's name written all over them, and those holes are eager to get filled. Bennett looks like my old G.I. Joe dolls, back in the day when they had actual stubby beards and weren't just painted plastic. Yeah, that's probably when I developed a tasted for hairy guys in uniform.

These two have done scenes before, and their chemistry definitely shows. They make the pants-on kissing and tongue smashing just as hot as the sucking and fucking as they get into each other's faces and taste mouths, pits, chest hair and tits. Their tongues don't miss an inch of manly skin. When Bennett sinks to his knees to haul out Aaron's massive schlong, he sits back with genuine reverence at its length and girth, slightly amazed at what's presented to him to partake in. His approach to it is gingerly (heh, see what I did there? cuz he's a redhead?) as he takes it in, kisses, then licks, then gently tastes. But when he starts sucking, he goes in full tilt! He's a pro, and he gets it all the way down his throat, his chin pressed against pubes, but he pays for it in a serious lack of breathe and controlled retching. He gets full-body spasming gagging and sputtering, and you can actually see him mentally prepare himself right before he plunges all the way down. But he fucking loves it!

Bennett has a wonderfully fuzzy butt and it looks amazing with Aaron's handsome face tongue-fucking him, lapping at the hairy crevice as he strokes his low-hanging balls between his thighs. When he finally presses his flared head against that tight hole and begins to slide it in, Bennett's verbal reactions are almost funny as he winces, moans, and then emits loud yells of encouragement and wonder of how much is stuffed in and how much it's stretching his asshole. His yelps sometimes reach into the falsetto range before he's back into manly mode and exclaiming how good it feels. To be honest, I actually felt stretched out as I watched Aaron slam his hole with pumping intensity. Their cum shots are almost superfluous to all the intense energy that came before, but watching Aaron spew all over Bennett's junk before he shoves it back in to breed him was a nice way to end things.

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