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Jackson Wright and Kai NeoLani Are Stepbrothers That Share An Intimate Encounter For Touch That Boy


Stepbrothers Just Wanna Have Fun

The twink duo of Jackson Wright and Kai NeoLani couldn't be cuter together. With their matching slender bodies and smooth chests, they are stepbrothers reuniting after a long time without visits. They played together as youngsters and are eager to get back into that youthful activity when they get together again. Touch That Boy brings them together for a quiet, intimate coupling that involves a lot of, well, touching. The site is all about erotic massages that lead...somewhere. So the vibe is much more relaxed and easy-going. Things never get overly sweaty and animalistic with a lot of humping and pumping, and that's okay. Sometimes it's okay to take a break from the contest that can result when competing gay porn tries to out-do each other with how far they can amp up the energy. Here, they purposefully slow things down  and take it easy. Just like the old song sings about.

They appear like many of us did when we were adventurous kids who were lucky enough to engage in some frolicking play with other boys when we were younger. Just two young guys, clothes on, and a lot of kissing before the fumbling dicks come out. They spend a lot of time fully clothed, stretched out with Jackson on top as he touches Kai's chest and torso, feeling the smooth skin below him and sharing tender and passionate kisses. Kai strips his shirt off to reveal his ebony torso and Jackson is in seventh heaven, unable to run his hands enough over the body underneath him. Flipping over, Kai's butt cheeks are slowly revealed as Jackson rubs his back and down into his shorts, teasing his brother as he kneads the flesh below the waistband. Oiling up his hands, Jackson can start giving Kai the massage he needs to relax him fully, which Kai responds to with cute little moans and groans, and pushing his tight butt cheeks up just slightly. Still clothed, Jackson at times lays himself out on top of the now fully naked Kai, gently grinding his crotch into Kai's backside as the two share more kisses.

Flipping over, his cock is now exposed and Kai starts to receive Jackson's hands all over his lengthening cock. Here the heat starts to rise as Jackson's mouth is now all over Kai's hard dick, responding to his suggestions to "suck it harder" and getting his throat nicely filled. You might think this all will lead to the obligatory and expected flip-sucking and eventual fucking, but no. The two pull back as Kai takes matters into his own hands...well, hand...as Jackson shimmies up to lip-lock some  more while Kai finishes himself off, exploding jizz all over his tight torso as he shares wet kisses with his bro.

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