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Matt Brooks and Danny Montero Are Two Smooth Banging Ruggers For Hard Brit Lads


Now That's a Scrum!

Whether they play rugby or not, I'm just gonna think they do, because Matt Banks and Danny Montero, in their rugged shorts with their smooth, muscled jock forms and big British uncut dicks sure look like riggers to me. It's my fantasy and I'm sticking to it! Over at Hard Brit Lads, these two certainly that: hard, Brit, and lads. The site's scenes are always simple and great to watch; there's always a clear top and a clear bottom, often leading you to think that the top is gay for pay. Hey, no judgements, it's fun to watch what I'm imagining a straight dude enlarging his scope of sexuality, and if he finds some fun to be had up some dude's bum, then so be it.

Danny is a smooth and lithe creature with come hither eyes and a mouth and ass that invite you in. Matt is a more muscular and squat bloke, compactly built with a frame that backs up every pump and push as he takes you from behind. The two start off, as per usual for HBL with some passionate kissing, which never fails to entice and draw you in as the two gorgeous young men, shirtless with pumped up erections bulging from their shorts explore each other's mouths with their tongue, and their torsos and asses with their hands. They eagerly taste of each other before Danny is dropping quickly to his knees to take in Matt's gritty boner. It's quite thick and fills his buddy's mouth and throat with slow and steady pumping action as he feels up his own pierced nips, his moans of delight filling the room. Danny is clearly very good at what he does, and Matt's desire grows to a fever pitch as Danny swallows him. He needs to take Danny's ass! They flip back and forth, burying their cocks in each other's throats, but Danny's backside will soon belong to Matt.

Laying side by side, Matt easily slips his pole in deep as Danny opens up to him, giving himself completely. On his back with Matt standing, his ass is better plowed as Matt ramps up his pace and aggressiveness, slamming away, giving Danny what he needs. These two look great together, like to young rutting beasts, especially when Matt gets Danny bent over and grabs him around the waist, laying into him with wanton lust and abandon. He humps and pumps until Danny's spunk is spilling out onto the floor, followed soon after by Matt's geyser getting sprayed over Danny's tight butt cheek.

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