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Raging Stallion’s Sexy New 9-Part Action Drama “Ride Or Die” Drops Its First Scenes


"The Wages of Sin Is"...Well, Not Death But Great Sex Apparently.

Raging Stallion has a new nine-part series that started dropping scenes yesterday, and it looks to be a solid winner of scripted action, drama, and some incredible fucking. As described in their promo material, "The debut scenes of Ride or Die, introduce the rich, famous and powerful men of Las Vegas who all appear to have an unlikely connection to Riders Correctional Facility, the twisted playground of a diabolically sadistic warden, Cole Connor. As secrets begin to unravel and lies surface at every turn, justice becomes the biggest crime of all." It's all brought together by director Tony Dimarco and screenwriter Ben Rush, and stars Phoenix Fellington, Max Konnor, Dillon Diaz, Chris Damned, Cole Connor, Beau Butler, Andre Donovan, Travis Connor, Drew Valentino, and Grayson Lange. Upcoming episodes for Part 1 (Episodes 3-5) will release each week through April 1. Part 2 (Episodes 6- 9) begins releasing weekly on April 22.

The first installment featuring Chris and Travis arrived yesterday, and damn, it's a doozy! Chris is an unstable prisoner delivered to high-powered DA Travis as retribution for an old feud. He's payment, and Travis is going to collect. The DA with a brick shit-house build who towers over Chris turns out to be a big ol' bottom slut who wants to be debased and submit to the filthy wiles of the prisoner. With his handsome bearded face bobbing up and down on his big dick, Chris gets to be an aggressive power top as the suited bottom pig begs for more cock and rougher treatment, which Chris is more than willing to administer.

Chris gets some cock sucking in as well, chowing down on Travis' gorgeous pole, but he adds CBT in as well, grabbing Travis' balls, giving them some hearty smacks as he gruffly fingers his hairy hole, sometimes flipping around to bury Travis' face with his spread ass cheeks as he continues his torture of the balls and dick before him.

When he takes Travis' hole, it's with an animalistic masculine energy that borders on wanton abandon, plowing and pummeling as Travis yells out for more, to make him his "prison bitch." Their connection is intense, angry, and approaches the dangerous as Chris delivers resounding face slaps slamming his cock into Travis' asshole with rapid-fire drilling. All of this has Travis riding high as his own pipe stays at full hard throughout; I love watching his erection bouncing up and down as his ass gets banged with Chris' sturdy pumping until he gets a thick load fucked out of him before Chris pumps his own ropey strands all over Travis' broad, muscular chest.

And then there's the shocking surprise ending!

Below is the trailer for episode two featuring Cole and Dillon which drops today.

Go check them both out at Raging Stallion to Plug In and Get Off. Just click that banner below. And return often to see upcoming episodes!

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