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Across the Pond, “Two Hung Tops Ruin Young Blokes Ass” For Raw Road Nation


It's A British Workies Threesome Hump Day!

I love me some blue collar basic stud fucking and sucking, the kind delivered up by the amateurish performers at Raw Road Nation. This stable of British horse-hung hunks always get me going. They're simple, straight-forward and damn do they get the job done. In "Two Hung Tops Ruin Young Bloke's Ass", you got the thickly-endowed top-man Josh Innit and an unidentified hot bear cop fucking the holes of scrawny bottom Steve. With Josh and Steve clad in workman's ("workies") fluorescent vests, jeans, and boots, this all has an added veneer of uniform kink...in a hospital room? Let's assume the "story line" is that one of the workmen was injured, and the cop is in the hospital to take a statement, and all sexual desire is let loose. Yep, works for me!

Steve is an insatiable bottom who goes right for the sucking and fucking. There's not a lot of pre-sex kissing, though Steve and Josh do share some quickly passionate lip-locking. But this is all about getting these guys off, and Steve is there with an open throat and an open asshole. Our bear cop is sporting an absolutely stunning nightstick between his legs, the kind of cock that makes a man stand and salute when it's hauled out in the light of day. Steve spends an ample amount of time orally pleasing the two men as he goes back and forth, gagging down the dicks as best he can, sputtering and slobbering erotically as the two tops show an absolute lack of concern for his ability to breathe or comfort.

When it comes to the fucking, somehow the three manage to get the work done in what seems to be pretty cramped quarters. Meh...I guess it makes the flesh pressing all that more sweaty and close. The camera can't quite get in to show off the threesome to their best advantage when Steve has one raw dog up his bum and another feeding his face, so it comes off from the angles like you're walking past a small exam room and finding this action going on and you stop at the door to watch. You don't get all the visuals, but you know they'll be changing positions soon and OH YEAH there they go, flipping around. Now I can see that one dude's chest better!

This scene wastes no time as Steve plays bottom bitch to these two men, getting pumped full of cock before they're spilling their seed all over his torso and face. They may not be the prettiest fuckers in the bunch, but damn if they don't look still great doing what they do.

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