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Beaux Banks and Zario Travezz Are On the DL Pumping Iron, and More, For Noir Male


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How Much Time Do We Have Until the GF Returns?!

Over at Noir Male, Zario Travezz and Beaux Banks are sneaking in some booty time during their workout while Zario's girlfriend is out of the room in "Teaching Him How To Pump." Beaux is the personal trainer hired by Zario's GF to whip them into shape, but upon seeing his finely chilled form in his tight shorts, his muscles peeking out from under his t-shirt, Zario gets some other ideas on what he wants trained. It's played with a nice amount of humor, as the two quickly get into groping and tasting as she is engrossed in her downward dog position and leaves for some refreshment. This gives the men some alone time for their own downward dog behavior! Incidentally, yer boy Hank here loves when gay porn includes women into their scenes lending it an added layer of authenticity. They're not used as well nowadays as when Joe Gage incorporated them into his films back in the seventies, but it's nice to see producers make the attempt.

She removes herself to work in another area, and the cocks are out! Beaux can't resist the tube steak poking out of Zario's shorts and he's soon on his knees swallowing it down in quick, hurried bobs of his head. Repositioning himself behind the bench press bar, his own cock flops out to face fuck Zario's hungry mouth as he dips up and down, his lengthening cock filling his client's throat. Using the incline creature on the bench to their advantage, the two engage in a hot 69 position with Beaux stretched over and down the length of Zario's body as the two eagerly suck each other's impressive poles. Good lord, these two look great together as their hard bodies start sweating with their "workout." This is also a fantastic position for Beaux to get his muscled butt properly eaten out by Zario's probing tongue, his bubble butt twerking in Zario's face as it's wetted and prepped for some girthy cock to come.

A weight bench is seriously one of the best devices to fuck on, allowing for different positions with which to hit all the varied sweet spots deep in one's hole, and Zario is clearly hitting Beaux's sweet spots! After a bit more ass and balls eating, he easily slides deep in Beaux's backside, filling his sweet ass as the two create some gorgeously erotic pictures with their bodies. They have a great connection with each other as they were already focused on their own and each other's bodies, so their fucking is simply a natural progression as their lusts are unleashed.

Using the bar and weights as counter-balance, the two can move and writhe and pump as hard as they want in an increasingly erotic variety of positions until Beaux is taken in a reverse cowboy that looks like something out of Cirque du Soleil. This is clearly what drives them both over the edge because he's soon on his knees, jerking out a thick load onto the mat while Zario busts his load over his buddy's sweat-soaked torso. Gorgeous!

Kudos to the editor for leaving in a slight mistake at the end to finish out on a humorous note. When the GF returns and sees them naked and drenched in cum, she squeezes the water out of her bottle out of surprise. When she turns quickly to make a hasty exit, the performer slips just slightly in the water and you hear the squeak of her sneakers and the laughter from the guys. I love the fun little details!

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