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Daddy Riley Mitchel Uses Morally Questionable Relaxation Techniques On Stepson William Moore For Dad Creep


It's A Dueling Cross-Generational Ginger Fuck!

Riley Mitchel has been quite the ginger Daddy of late, and he does it well here with his stepson William Moore in "I Can Help You Relax" showing now at Dad Creep. When William bothers Riley on his one day to relax, William offers a massage...and more. Riley is more than willing to let the kneading fingers of his son work their magic, until they're working magic on each other with other body parts. These two gingers are pretty damn hot when it comes to pleasing each other, but I do have one question: Riley, what's up with the hair? The Elsa Lanchester Bride streak is a questionable choice at best, but I won't complain too much when I have yer smokin' hot bod to watch.

The camera gives us a nice pan up and down of Riley's compact, muscley form, with his chest hair and thick beard clad in an open robe as he grazes his hand over his naked skin. He's irritated by William's intrusion, but the young man knows how to get back on dad's good side. A kiss is commanded which they share passionately. "I think there's something else you can massage." Yeah, I bet there is. William uses the sexualized term "daddy" rather than the generic "dad" and so we know where this is heading. William grasps Riley's growing cock, which lengthens and gets thicker in his hand, and then his mouth. William gets his dick down his throat and gives him some nice slow sucking, sliding his head up and down on its length as Riley rolls his head back and moans in satisfaction, giving him a lot of "good boy" compliments. Kneeling on the couch with his plump ass in the air, William gets on the receiving end of some gentle smacks and fingering from Riley, enticing the play to ramp up to something really animalistic.

The whole thing is played out with a measured pace as the heat and energy slowly build. Lots of kissing, gentle tit licking, nuzzling and snuggling takes place between the moments of head bobbing as Riley lets William know what's coming next. The boy climbs on and faces away from dad (to hide his sinful face?!) as he stretches his hole and slides down on Riley's hard pole. He starts to work his slutty hips and ass back and forth and is soon riding dad hard and strong as Riley gives him several full handed slaps across his cheeks. Turning around, William can place his hands on Riley's defined chest for balance as he takes him deep, while dad jacks his own hard meat. Riley gets to be a lazy top through most of this, simply laid back and letting his boy do the work.

He does eventually flip positions, taking his boy from behind, laying his pipe but good as William groans in lusty pleasure. Moving to his back, the two have a nicely intense connection as they stare into each other's faces as Riley pummels his hole until William is shooting one ropey strand of jizz after another over his belly and torso, only to have dad jack his own cream, adding to the tasty mix.

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