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Small Dicks, Momma’s Boys, and Dirty Sheets: This Week’s Chad!


What up, Sexies?

What the hell goes on here when I'm not around? This week you brought me everything from bed shitters to small dicks. Get your shit together, people! But seriously, I love answering your questions so don't be shy.

This week I was recovering from IBCInternational Bear Convergence. It wasn't my usual crowd but a rich bear offered to take me so off I went. Just call me a salmonthe hairless fish that all the bears try to grab upstream. Want a taste? Show me your credit score.

Here's what was on your mind this week:

Dear Chad,

I'm not hung. How can I be a better top for my boyfriend? His ex was huge.

- Not Hung

Dear Chad,

My boyfriend is a Momma's Boy. They FaceTime all day AND she visits about once a week and STAYS THE NIGHT! She only lives about an hour away but still insists on staying over. She's nice and all but, JESUS! Can I tell her to stay home?

- Not A Momma's Boy

and who can forget:

Dear Chad,

I had a drunken night in a hookup's bed last night and ended up shitting the sheets. I was so embarrassed I just got up and left. I haven't heard from him. Should I send flowers?

- Bed Shitter

Check out my answers, you know you want to!

Send me your questions, nothing is off limits. [email protected]

Plug In. Get Off.

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