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This Blue-Collar Video Sunday Spiral Has Twinks, Jackin’ Bear Daddies, and a Cop


This Sunday Funday we are having fun with blue collar dudes, who watch sports on Sundays and drink beer...and then get horny and curious. These four videos give you some straight-up southern bear Daddies, a threesome cocking with two twinks, and a cop from Workin' Men XXX and Str8 Boyz Seduced. "Cop"? Meh...let's just go with cop. If you like what you see, just click on their banner.

"Blowing Two Straight Boys"

What's better than coaxing one straight dude up to your place for a bit of the old Gay-For-Pay play? How about two? Str8 Boyz Seduced resident sucker Vinnie gets these two lanky young men within his grasp, watching straight porn and shucking their duds and pulling out their dicks for him to pleasure. It's pretty straight forward as the two stare straight ahead, not looking at each other (damn, they really are straight!) as Vinnie does his thing, going back and forth as their hard cocks can't resist even the sensations of a dude's mouth before they're taken over the edge and filling Vinnie's mouth with young cream. Slurp!

"Straight Cop Suck Off"

Okay, whether he's actually a cop or one at the mall is beside the point. He's hot as hell with his dark features and thick dick flopping out of his uniform, And who doesn't like a man in uniform, real or not? He spends some time  watching some chick get fucked before he finally lets Vinnie in to do his things and I love the look he gives as Vinnie reaches for that meat. He gives himself over to Vinnie's expertise and soon he's busting a nut that Vinnie greedily slurps up.


The Workin' Men XXX producer says "There's something not right with this guy." Apparently his macho bravado talk didn't' sit too well, but they got the money shot anyway. Tim's a hot Daddy with his beefy bod, tats and multiple piercings, I'm thinking she doth protest too much as she's getting paid to jack off for horny dudes. Hey' I'll take it! For a straight guy vibe, he sure likes the feel and taste of his own dick and jizz, and the way he feels up his butthole? Yeah, he knows his sweet spots, and he knows his audiences and he knows how to put on a show for us. His look and sneer are pure studied performance and he knows it. And I'd be on my knees in a flash for him.


Saving the best for last, cuz this guy is so my type. Thickly built, nice dick, ginger fur and goatee with a blue collar vibe that just screams "I got three kids at home. Please give me a decent BJ." And I would. He's got a sexy AF southern drawl that would talk any of my buddies into the sack...or the back alley. He's a 35 year old Cub stud who enjoys sex with a few people at a time, but we'll have to be happy as he sits back with a smoke and beats his meat, Damn that's a nice load he spurts into his hand!

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