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Martin Steel and Jacob Dolce Are “All Smiles” For Southern Strokes


When the Folks Are Away, the Twinks Will Play.

In their scene "All Smiles" available for viewing now at Southern Strokes, Martin Steel and Jacob Dolce are just that, all smiles...when their mouths aren't full that is. The two young, cute lads are teammates who have been flirting for a while now, so when Jacob's parents are gone for the day, he invites the object of his affection over to see where this all might lead. Lucky for him, Martin is a top who loves Jacob's pretty face sliding down his cock and plowing his ass.

Might I say at the outset, for someone (me) who watches mostly bear porn for fun, this scene was rather...brightly colored. My god, I haven't seen that much neon/ fluorescent coloring in one place outside of a collection of '80s albums in many a year.

Okay, sorry. I digress. The two boys love to kiss, passionately tasting each other as they run their eager hands up and down their bodies, taking it all in. Jacob's a little cock slut and can't wait to chow down on Martin's dick, which flops out of his uniform shorts standing at attention, waiting for Jacob's mouth. He's all over that package, feeling all around Martin's shaved balls and crotch as his cock swells and Jacob's got it all the way down his hungry throat. He loves the feel of it as it slides in and out while his fingers graze gently over Martin's butthole. Martin gives his buddy some head as a return favor, but really, they ain't here for that, and Martin soon positions himself behind Jacob's yearning backside.

Lying side by side, Martin gently works his way in as Jacob winces and moans in response. But Martin must be hitting Jacob's sweet spot because his uncut cock stays hard the entire time as Martin eases his length in and out. The energy never reaches a fever pitch and this isn't any kind of slam-fest. It's sweet and tender and if boys like this are your jam, then you should spread it all over your toast and gobble it down. It's only when Jacob climbs on top of Martin's thick meat and works his ass up and down, taking in more and more, that the heat level rises into the "All right, fuck yeah, there we go" range. It must be working because with Martin's pole up his hole, Jacob's is soon squirting out thick streams of jizz. Atta boy!

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