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Euro Hotties Jeffery Lloyd and Shane Hirch Keep A “Carnal Appointment” for Raw Euro


Who Doesn't Love A Thorough Massage?

Shane Hirch and Jeffery Lloyd are two incredibly handsome young men who turn an erotic massage into a sweat-soaked slam-fest in Raw Euro's "Carnal Appointment." These two uncut hotties meet up for a massage for the horny bottom Jeffery by the muscular masseuse Shane. When hands start rubbing and body parts start pressing against each other, cocks start growing and libidos start screaming for attention, and pretty soon Jeffery is having his prostate massaged as well as all his other body parts. Before he gives a big tip, he's gonna get a big tip!

As the scene opens, Shane, clad in tight athletic shorts and a mesh t-shirt is doing push-ups against the massage table. Weird, but we'll take it, cuz he's cute as fuck. When Jeffery enters explaining his aches and pains, he's soon on the table with Shane's powerful hands working over his shoulders. The willing bottom succumbs to the handsome man's touch, sinking into the delicious sensations. Shane starts rubbing Jeffery's chest from behind, allowing the bottom to moving into Shane as hands run over pert sensitive nipples and the nape of the neck is delicately kissed. Seriously, these two are just too damn cute!

When the client is laid down receiving his massage, Shane's crotch is, naturally, inches from his face. How can such temptation be ignored? Jeffery pulls out Shane's uncut thickness and swallows it down whole as Shane begins and erotic pumping back and forth, filling his throat. Moving around to Jeffery's ass, Shane spreads those buttery buns and digs his face in for a taste, tonguing the shaved hole as Jeffery squirms below him, arching back and begging for more.

On his back, Jeffery opens up wide and takes Shane's girthy member deep in his ass. Now here's the thing. Jeffery at first comes off like another cute Euro-twink, but with his shirt off and his body exposed, you see all his closely-trimmed chest hair, and his five o'clock shadow, and you start realizing this is a hot cub or otter in twink clothing. Imposter! I mean...HAWT IMPOSTER! He just went from cute to hot and I ain't mad about it! He takes a cock like a champ and reaches back to spread his gaping hole for even more filling, which Shane is ready to give. Things wrap up with Jeffery in a pile-driver position as the beefy Shane jacks ropey strands of thick jizz all over his exposed backside in a nice slo-mo.

Young lust. Slurp it up!

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