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Falcon Studios’ “Men’s Briefs” Gets Fav Stars Behind the Camera To Bring You Their Fantasies


With the 21st Annual Cybersocket Porn Awards coming up in May, you only have until March 15th to nominate your favorite performers in 27 categories, which you can do now at CybersocketAwards.com. Need some suggestions on whom you should nominate? Look no further than Falcon Studios' full length release Men's Briefs Four of your favorite performers (Max Konnor, Devin Franco, Boomer Banks and Leo Forte) get to go behind the camera to film their secret (now not so secret!) fantasies, starring Devin along with Cade Maddox, Eric Rey, Shae Reynolds, Adrian Hart, Reign, Colton Reese, Luke Truong, Tristan Hunter and Shane Cook. There's got to be a Best Ass, Best Cock or Best Duo somewhere in that group of hotties for you to nominate!

I've already written about Cade's wonder cock tearing up Shae's tight ass here, and the dueling sword fight that occurred when Reign tames Adrian's puppy fantasy here. So let's just right to the other three blistering scenes for your viewing pleasure.

Devin's all set to hook up with someone he only knows will be wearing a red hat. Eric just happened to have recently picked up a red hat off the ground , so this case of mistaken identity leads to some pretty awesome fucking. Filmed at The Q NYC, Devin waits for his stud of the night surrounded by horned up hotties dancing the night away. Eric sits down next to him, and assuming this is his man, Devin leads him to a dark corner where the passionate kissing commences before Devin is on his knees eating out Eric's beautiful hole, fingering and stretching it open as the taut-bodied bottom pushes back onto his searching tongue. Devin's long thick cock is a thing of beauty as it slides down Eric's throat, his pretty face bouncing up and down as he greedily slobbers all over it, wetting it for his hungry hole. Pushed up against the wall as the music joins with their moans and groans, Devin pushes in deep and ramps up to slamming pace as Eric pushes back, wanting more and more stiff pole deep in his ass. On his back, Eric is riding a pleasure wave as Devin alternately pummels him deep and pulls out completely, only to ram it all back in in one swift move, over and over, pushing their lust to the edge. Riding his cock  in a reverse cowboy, their conjoined gorgeous bodies look their best and the sweat runs down their muscled torsos. Back against the wall, Eric's creamy load is fucked out of him before Devin sprays his bubble butt with his own spunk.

Two more hard bodies, well-defined and smooth of skin are found in the duo of Luke and Colton, finding another hidden back room of the club where they can get in a quick suck and fuck before going their separate ways. Luke wastes no time dropping to his knees and expertly swallowing Colton's impressively thick slab of beef. Holding the back of Luke's head, Colton is an aggressive skull fucker, but he's not giving Luke anything the cock slut can't handle. Luke is a master cocksucker and he goes at Colton with an erotic desperation that borders on the manic, chowing down like he's going into the seminary in a couple days . (Wait, going in the seminary probably means even more access to cock. But you know what I mean.) Grabbing onto a well-placed stripper pole next to the banquette, Luke can hold on for dear life as he grinds his ass up and down hard...and I mean hard...on Colton's fierce meat. If he's not slamming up and down riding it like a hobby horse, he's getting jackhammered from underneath as the two use their muscular bodies to propel themselves into each other. In a pile driver position, Colton absolutely owns Luke's fuck-hole in the most basic and hedonistic way, just punch-fucking it into some kind of masculine oblivion. This is what drives them over the edge until Colton drenches Luke's face with his spunk.

In a sexy take on "The Gift of the Magi," (yes, seriously), Tristan has been doing online sex shows for Max to raise enough money to repair BF Shane's watch, which was pawned months previously to pay down some of Tristan's bills. Aw, isn't that the sweetest! When the show of mutual love is revealed, the two engage in some seriously passionate love making as Shane and Tristan's mutually gorgeous bods enmesh and intertwine as Tristan opens his holes for Shane's meaty piece. These two display a fine connection as their erotic passion for each other spills over and Tristan is left cum-drenched and smiling.

You can Plug In and Get Off at Falcon Studios by viewing these scenes and more. Just click that pic below. The complete dvd of Men's Briefs is available through the Falcon store.

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