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White Trash Wednesday Brings You Fun Dicks That Won’t Win Awards…But Should


The 2022 Cybersocket Awards are cumming up in a few months, and you have until March 15th to nominate your favorites in 27 categories by going to CybersocketAwards.com! Now, Yer boy Hank here isn't under any delusion that you might run to the site and nominate any of the trashy dudes featured in this post, but that's okay. They're not the types to show up at any awards show in the middle of West Hollywood anyway. They're more the type who'd be hired to truck in the supplies needed to set up the venue, and then suck each other off in the alley while the awards were going on inside. And that, my friends, is a pretty fucking hot image! Like what you see? Just click the banner of any of the sites to go directly to Plug In and Get Off.

Straight Jock Sucked

Vinnie at Str8 Boyz Seduced has straight jock Marshall on his couch watching some breeder porn while his fat cock gets worked over by our handsome host in the scene "Vinnie Blows Straight Marshall." Marshall's a bit young to be sporting such a dad bod, but I ain't mad about it. I love his little paunch creeping from under his t-shirt and his thick hairy thighs twitching and flexing in reaction to Vinnie's ministrations. His full bush looks tasty, and his short fat cock sliding in and out of Vinnie's mouth looks even tastier. Now you might be thinking "straight? Yeah, right." Hey, don't orientation shame! But here's why I think he's the real deal; it's in his intense stare straight ahead, pretty much never once looking down to see that it's a dude between his legs and not some chick. He's just gonna ignore completely who's mouthing his cock and enjoy the sensations until he's blowing a thick load down Vinnie's throat. Slurp!

Gloryhole Suck-Off

Over at Gloryhole Hookups, Stew is a hot tatted trucker-lookin' fella who has a legion of fans literally lining up to get a feel for his talented mouth on their junk stuck through the GH he installed in his home. Jealous? I kinda am. He found his talent and is making bank off of it in the laziest, tastiest way possible. Kudos to you, sir! In "Sucking Off A Big Dick Latino," Stew is visited by, well, you guessed it, a big-dicked Latino. 'Nuff said. It may not be the longest cock but it's thick and curved in a way that allows Stew unfettered access to all the delicious inches creeping through the hole for attention. I love Stew's double cameras set-up and the shots of him whiffing off the popper bottle throughout as he savors the offered meat. He works the shaft, fondling the balls and edging the visitor until he has a warm stream of jizz flowing into his hungry mouth. Go check out his action!


Kevin, featured in a solo scene over at Workin Men XXX, looks like trouble if I ever saw it. Tatted, gruff in appearance, some real rough trade. I see him and I think of a character from a Hubert Selby novel, some '50s guy who senses his relationship with his GF is a sham and he gets some male tail on the side as he's making his deliveries in Manhattan's Bowery. Hey, a dude can dream! Turns out he's more on the quiet side, 39, 5'10 and 170#'s and apparently up to try new things, which includes jacking his pud for us perverts for money. He's a painter and construction worker by trade but needs extra scratch on the side. And he seems to love oiling up his daddy cock and stroking it as his low-hanging balls bounce below, his cream getting worked up until he's spewing it all over furry belly.

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