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Pantheon Productions “Daddy Got Dick” Is a Hot, Hairy, Masculine Romp


Daddy Got Dick, directed by David Romero for Pantheon Productions at NakedSword gives us simply fantastic pairings of beefy masculinity. Five scenes of sweaty bull-bears, dad bods, and tatted hirsute fuckers ripping into each other like the pandemic just ended and all security measures are off the table. You can smell the musky manly odor emanating off these thick, built bodies as their mustachioed mouths gobble thick meaty cock before those cocks are stuffed into willing, hairy holes. For more, hairy bear fun, join us for the big IBC (International Bear Convergence) pool party Sunday, February 27.

AJ Marshall, Alex Tikas, Jacob Woods, Jake Marshall, Killian Knox, Liam Griffin, Musclebear Montreal, Riley Mitchell, Tony Zucchero, and Zach Maxwell are masterfully directed by Romero who positions his men in ways that allow access at all angles, and damn if it isn't action worth grabbing any which way you can. There’s a scene where silver fox Jake Marshall has Tikas at one point up against an X-Cross, and you think your looking at perfection watching his thick meaty cock plunge deeper and deeper into Tikas’ hairy beefy buns; the camera tilts up just slightly and you see the expanse of Tikas' gorgeous hairy torso, his locked collar swinging with each penetrating thrust. This is what I mean by great framing of the men within the shot, and using creative camera angles to capture the action from interesting vantage points.

Most of the scenes are duets wherein it seems the guys can't decide if it's more pleasurable to top or bottom. They flip fuck their way through the hawt action, back and forth, back and forth, taking each other’s holes and then switching so that their holes can now be owned by their buddy. Some scenes allude to fantasy ideals of masculinity, such as Maxwell owning Woods' beautiful hole in what looks like an outdoor shed, the two looking all like a pairing of two truckers who found a secluded place to knock boots when they got tired of driving. When Tikas in the sling commands from the bottom "Yeah daddy, show me how you fuck a hole!" eventually getting two loads fucked outta him, well...yer boy Hank here just about lost it. And Zucchero and Griffin, two heavily tatted guys who look like they came home from a rock club watching a favorite local band, are simply stunning as they bang holy hell outreach other.

It’s all very well-constructed masculine porn goodness that drips with manly lust. I swear, this DVD should come with a scratch-and-sniff card!

The pic below will take you to NakedSword for purchase information, also nominate your favorite of those sexy bears and daddies for Bear of the Year or Daddy of the Year in this year's 2022 Cybersocket Awards.

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