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Roman Todd Gives Evan Knoxx His Award-Winning Package In Raging Stallion’s “It’s Complicated”


They're Just Keeping It In the Family.

The 2022 Cybersocket Awards are coming up in a few months, and this scene from It's Complicated, streaming now at Raging Stallion features Fleshbot's 2021 Gay Best Package Winner Roman Todd. We're sure to see him somewhere in the list of nominees. This week, I'm focusing on great dicks, probably the biggest reason we love gay porn. (Heh, see what I did there? "dicks"..."biggest"...?) Roman's cock is simply beautiful: long, thick, but not unmanageable. It's the kind of big dick you might see and think, "Yeah, I can still handle that one, but I'll be feeling it the next day." And isn't that really the point? If you're a fan of Roman's candle, head over and nominate him in any one of the 27 categories at CybersocketAwards.com.

Evan Knoxx is the lucky bottom who is on the receiving end of Roman's dick, after the two buddies go for a strenuous hike in the hills. Roman used to date Evan's sister, and the two remained friends because, as Roman says, "He's the gay version of me!" Mmmmmmokay...And when he describes Evan as being "like my little bro," you get an almost fauxcest vibe emanating off of them. Back at the apartment, they strip out of their tank tops and get to some good-natured rough-housing, which leads to body contact, which leads to Roman planting a big wet kiss on the shocked Evan. And Evan, always lusting after Roman, ain't gonna let this "straight" dude's libido go unattended!

Pretty soon Roman's fantastic meat is slapping Evan's cute face as his tongue lolls out to taste and swallow what's offered. As Roman gently commands him with sexy growls of "suck my fuckin' dick," Evan obeys hungrily, the lengthy girth sliding deep down his open throat as Roman's built and ripped body towers over him, pumping his hips back and forth as he feeds his "little bro." Evan's cock-sucking abilities are on full display as Roman grabs the back of his head and skull fucks the young man with steady pumping that keeps Evan's own dick at rock-hard attention.

These two, quite simply, look fantastic together!

Treating Evan's tight hole like his ex's pussy, Roman bends the kid over and gives him a thorough salad tossing, eating his ass voraciously as he laps and tongues the shaved hole while stroking Evan's wood down between his legs and fingering him to open him up. This all gets Evan's backside tingling for penetration and his slender form is soon climbing on top, riding Roman's dick as he takes control from the bottom, his hands planted to steady himself on Roman's wide, muscular chest.

Down on the ground, on his shoulders, his legs and ass splayed wide in the air, Roman lays his pipe down into Evan's ass in a rigorous pile driver before he has him back on his hands and knees, going to town on his ass like a recent parolee getting his first taste of ass and freedom. He grabs his hips and relentlessly slams Evan's willing backside, all his muscles tanned and glistening with the gleam of sweat as he fucks a thick load out of his buddy before spraying his own spunk over Evan's own sweat-soaked bod.

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