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Lucca Mazzi Gives Adrian Hart Stellar Bedside Manner In HotHouse’s “Dirty Desert Doctors”


That's No Thermometer Yer sticking' In!

As Cybersocket is cumming up on its awards later this Spring (you can nominate your favorites in 27 categories right here, right now!) I'm taking a look at some stellar dicks this week. In their scene from Dirty Desert Doctors from Hothouse and Falcon Studios, Lucca Mazzi and Adrian Hart both supply some impressive packages in their patient/doctor suck-and-fuck, but damn does Adrian have an especially gorgeous cock! That's right, I'm starting off by featuring a bottom's dick, because while it may not be getting the use that Lucca's might, it's also not hidden away up some dudes butthole. Adrian's dick was made for topping but reserved for stroking while he gets fucked. And it's a mighty sword he wields indeed with its throat-gagging length, slight extra around the tip, and some hefty girth to boot. And Lucca's meat is of the short and blunt variety, it may not be the longest, but it's fiercely thick in a way that really makes you feel it as it's sliding in and out of your tight, begging hole. He's got a dick that pops in and out with an insistence and something to prove: "Oh, you discounted me at first cuz I don't hang to the knees? C'mere, I'll make you feel something, fucker!"

Lucca is too fucking hot in his lab coat and tie, his massive bulk barely contained within as it strains against the seams. It's cool, it'll be released soon. When the ever-horny Adrian sees his hot Muscle Bear doc, he is out of his clothes faster than you can catch Covid in an Arizona political rally. In the exam room, Lucca is asking some questions and turns to find Adrian naked with legs spread, awaiting further instructions. Adrian's washboard abs and flopping dong look amazing when placed next to Lucca's bulk, and the now-aroused doc decides to follow the randy bottom's lead. He plays with Adrian's hole a bit before standing up and unleashing his wide, flared thickness for Adrian to swallow, which he does like champ. Forcing his mouth around it and lowering to the hilt, Adrian gives us some nice gagging as Lucca clamps down on the back of his head and face fucks him, or holds him in place as he sputters with his lips around the base.

When Lucca turns him over and presses in deep, Adrian lets out a series of moans and grunts that lets you know he's feeling the stretch in his backside. Grabbing him by the hips, Lucca proceeds to pummel his tight ass, opening him up further as Adrian's beautiful dick swings pendulum-like between his thighs. On his back, his cock is exposed and ready to be jacked, the rocking from Lucca's steady pumping assisting Adrian as he works his meat to a creamy finish followed by Lucca's own load which further coats Adrian's taut torso with jizzy goodness.

Plug In and Get Off at Falcon Studios by clicking the link below. And head over to the Cybersocket Awards nomination site and let your voices be heard for the 21st annual awards show!

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