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Reign and Adrian Hart Slam Hard In Falcon Studios’ “Men’s Briefs”


All Dogs Really Do Go To Heaven!

Men's Briefs is the latest Falcon Studios full-length title which features today's hottest porn stars going behind the cameras to direct scenes that sprung from their own fantasies. Falcon has released a few scenes so far to stream, with the DVD available through the Falcon store. Here, Adrian Hart fantasizes about being a puppy to Reign's puppy sitter when owner Max Konnor leaves the house for the day. He immediately begins acting out to humorous effect, handing himself over to his new trainer to be brought into line. When puppy Adrian wishes to be a real boy, we morph into the dog's fantasy of getting fucked by his human sitter. Pinochio/bestiality/Furry subtexts aside, what we wind up with is a lot of amazing man on man action. It might seem a bit convoluted but so are the physical positions these two studs delve into.

Post transformation, Adrian is an aggressive bottom, pulling the surprised Reign in for some intense, pouty-lipped face smashing. The smaller-framed but no less built Adrian can't seem to get enough of Reign's 's kisses and hands all over him, but he's quickly diving onto his massive man-meat, swallowing it down whole the second it's hauled out of its barrier of clothing. Adrian is an absolute cock hound, sucking it down with an eager intensity that borders on the desperate. There's a line from the film Barfly when a hooker tells Mickey Rourke, "For 75 dollars I'll suck it 'til your asshole rumbles like a volcano." Adrian would do it for free. And better. Getting a break, he's allowed to lay back and let Reign do his own sucking of Adrian's equally impressive pole. I haven't seen Reign suck a lot of dick in his work; he needs to do that more. His handsome face looks even better with a cock sliding in and out of it.

Of course, he quickly shifts to Adrian's tight hole, lapping at it wetly before he stands and presses his frighteningly hard Daddy cock deep into Adrian's hungry ass. As good of a cock-sucker as Adrian is, he's even more of an insatiable bottom, his asshole basically vacuuming in Reign's pipe like a sinkhole swallows a car. It's complete, destructive, and you can't look away as it happens. His ass gets used as Reign pummels into him with relentless masculinity, but really, who's using who? He's loving every inch of it pounding his ass, and Reign gets to let out a bit of aggression, slapping his ass cheeks as he rides him in a reverse cowboy, working his hole as his cock hunger is unrelenting. By the time Adrian is iced with both of their thick creamy loads, you're going to be almost as exhausted as they seem.

Plug In and Get Off at Falcon Studios with the men of Men's Briefs.

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