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Cutler X, Luke Truong & Quin Quire Made Fans’ Fantasies Come True When PigDaddy Took Over The Barracks


This weekend, revelers at PigDaddy traded candy hearts and roses for jockstraps and branded poppers, and, if you were there, you know it was a blast. Presented by Anthony John, and sponsored by Cybersocket & Hankey's Toys and Cutler’s Den, the monthly party took over The Barracks on Saturday, February 12 for a night of horny, sexy fun. This late-night event is where guys go to meet, strip, dance, and see their favorite porn stars live. This time around, the stars included the gorgeous trio of Cutler X, Luke Truong, and Quin Quire.

Quin kicked off the night dancing on the pool table, working the pool stick like you can’t imagine. All eyes were on him, that iconic ass, and what he could do with a pool stick. Soon, Luke was up there, busting a move and being 20 different kinds of adorable. Cutler was mixing around the crowd, which included sexy muscle bears, leather daddies, otters, wolves, and some very sexy pups, including Jabarri_Pup.

Outside, local Palm Springs vendor Queertique was on the scene with a table of some of their store favorites, and Hankey’s sent over some eye-catching, large toys. Inside, you could get some hot, new leather gear or some fresh poppers for the patio at the Rough Trade pop-up store.

If you were there to meet these porn stars, then this was the perfect PigDaddy for you. All three guys were always mingling in the crowd, going from the bar to the pool table to the dance floor to the patio…and they couldn’t be more charming. Over the dance floor, sexy DJs Perfect Lovers were spinning music that people were ready to get down to. And get down they did. Stripped down, horny, and pressed against each other, this was the reason guys came out to play.

As usual, the debauchery went on until the early hours of the morning, and we all know no one gets less horny as the night goes on. If you missed it, join us for the next PigDaddy party at The Barracks in March.

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