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Get In A Football State of Mind With 5 Players On the DL in a Locker Room Orgy For Men.com


The Boys Pass, Receive, and Go Deep In the End Zone!

I found a bit of football-themed fucking for ya seeing as how the Big Game is coming up this weekend. If you're like me, you'd much rather watch this than that orgy of violent virility teeming with pent-up aggression and sexual tension cut up by fun commercials for products I don't need and will probably buy...and...um...wait, maybe I do wanna watch the Big Game! Anyway, Men.com released Football DL back in 2016 for your jock-fueled fantasies. In these scenes, Cameron Foster, Phenix Saint, Darin Silvers, Robert Axel, and Adam Bryant all strip down for their post-game shower and wind up showering each other with sweat and jizz in a five-man orgy that's sure to whet yer whistle for Sunday's testosterone-fest.

Things start off with an energetic bang and a lot of "WHOO!" calls as they enter the locker room, charged up with energy, stripping off the uniforms and heading to the showers. Damn, you can almost smell the sweat and grass and dirt embedded in their gear. This is a fine collection of muscled bodies and handsome masculinity, looking gorgeous as a group, the sweat and water streaming over their bulging pecs and arms. The cocks are already hard as Robert enters the showers; being the star of the game, the team decides to give him what he's always wanted. Urging him to his knees, they surround the stud with thick dangling meat he promptly begins to service with hungry expertise. He is loving every inch he's offered, but they have more in store.

Back in the locker room, he's placed on a bench, his beefy buns in the air, spread and willing as the others proceed to pump their engird deep into his beautiful hole. While in the background the guys chow down on each other's hefty poles, Robert fills the air with happy, strained moans and groans as his hole is filled by the jock studs. But he's not the only bottom, proven when the taller, hirsute Phenix steps up and challenges teammate Darrin to use his ass. He looks fantastic, pinned against the lockers as Darrin slams away, while Robert behind them is sucking major poles. Phenix looks even better when Adam offers up his thick sausage, which Phenix promptly sits down on, impaling himself hard, before they switch positions and Robert sits down on Phenix's horse. All of this pumped up energy comes to explosive spurts of spunk as one after the other coat Robert's broad chest with their creamy loads. Slurp!

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