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Max Lorde Gets Serviced and Fucked By The Big C Men


When Amateur Production Meets Studio Talent

Cory and Jared over at The Big C Men have always been about amateur productions when they film their scenes, but never amateurish. The sex is always hot as hell, and with their small handhelds and camera phones, they create content that rivals studio productions as far as camerawork, getting the shots, and general interest level. Who doesn't love, essentially, watching their hot neighbors fuck? So much so that when a studio performer like the well-defined ginger twunk Max Lorde comes sniffing around, they hook up and make some "amateur" magic happen. Cory is a bit of a muscle-daddy in his own right, with his impressive cock and sexual talents; he makes the boys and men come hunting for some, and he and his partner Jared are ready to film. Also, is it just me or, in the pic I chose here, does Cory look a bit like another hot daddy Bruce Willis? Hhmmm...

Cory and Max together look pretty damn amazing. Max isn't bound to a studio's constraints here; there's no one overlooking the shoot making sure they hit a particular set of angles or positions and whatnot. The proceedings are all very organic. They do whatever comes to mind that feels good in the natural setting of Cory's home (or in this case, his pool patio.) Max looks like the horny inquisitive next door neighbor who finally is getting into the dad next door's pants as he fondles Cory's thick shaft, stroking it to a nice full hard before he drops to his eager knees to swallow it down whole. And since Max is a studio player with a lot of experience with big dicks, he brings that background to play here, sucking and savoring every inch of Cory's delectable meat. He pays full attention to the older man's balls, underside, up and down the length, whatever brings Cory pleasure. Max is here to please! And Cory is no slouch when it comes to his own BJ abilities as he gets a nice taste of the younger gent's fleshy offering as well, making his guest feel good as he slobbers up and down while fingering his soon-to-be-invaded hole. He excels orally when he edges and teases Max as he tongue fucks his hole while stroking his throbbing pole down between his legs slowly, ssllloooowly, driving the boy crazy, making him push his ass back eager to be pummeled.

Watching Cory's thickness slide in and out of Max's tight pale buns is a true pleasure, because both are clearly gaining equal amounts of joy from this. Max's moans and groans aren't performative as Cory stretches his ass open and drilling in deep. No, he is fucking loving this treatment! Cory's hubby is holding one of the cameras, and it's sexy as hell when Cory asks Jared if he wants to him to breed Max's ass, which he promptly does, pumping in even harder, and pulling out for Max to clean off.

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