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Cameron Lane and Dakota Lovell Pass “The Perfect Home Inspection” at Missionary Boys


And They Get Jake Lawrence's Dick As a Reward!

I haven't visited the Missionary Boys in  a while and it seems like they're up to their old shenanigans: being clean, respectful, pious, and taking cock. In "The Perfect Home Inspection," roomies Dakota Lovell and Cameron Lane are getting an inspection of their living quarters by their religious president Jake Lawrence. Dakota and Cameron are two cute, smooth twinks with impressive dicks and even more impressive appetites. When the otter-ish bearded Jake tells them what a good job they've done, the conversation turns to sex when he also asks how they're getting along. When Dakota says "Why don't we show you?" this is Jake's cue to take things into hand and see what the two have to offer. Turns out, they have a lot to offer!

With all the performers clad in dress shirts and ties, we get a bit of suit-n-tie uniform kink right from the get-go. I don't know about you, but I love a nice hard dick falling out of a pair of suit pants. Jake enters the boys' domicile and inspects both the surfaces, and the young men themselves. Through the course of their conversation, Dakota mentions that they have sex, to which Jake asks very personal and indiscreet questions. It's here that Dakota suggests showing Jake what they do, and he is all for it. This all sets up a bit of a voyeur vibe: Jake becomes a voyeur to the boys, and we become a voyeur to them.

The boys start off passionately kissing and rubbing each other through their Mormon-esque underthings before Cameron is on his knees, swallowing his buddy's impressively long and thick meat down his throat as Jake watches and offers his compliments. Shifting, Dakota is on his knees on the stool, his tight ass raised to Cameron's face, who begins to tongue-fuck the young stud, licking his shaved ass as he strokes Dakota's meaty cock between his thighs. Flipping positions, it's Cameron's turn to feel Dakota's mouth muscle manipulating between his cheeks.

At Jake's suggestion, Dakota stands and presses his engorged member between Cameron's cheeks and gently eases his way in until he's balls-deep and Cameron is moaning out in pleasure while Jake begins rubbing himself to a full erection through his suit. Moving around to Cameron's face, he hauls out his own tool and Cameron is soon getting finger-cuffed between the two. Things are still pretty relaxed until Dakota turns and offers his own hole to Jake who takes him with the self-assuredness of his age. While Cameron sucks Dakota's sensitive dick, Dakota groans and mutters about how big Jake is, feeling his swelling pole deep in his hole.

Laying Dakota out on the counter, his legs to the Lord, Jake is able to slam into him unencumbered as Cameron fills his face with twink dick until Dakota is pushed over the edge by Jake's insistent thrusting, spraying Cameron's face with a hot geyser of sticky boy juice. This of course takes Jake over his own edge, filling Dakota's well-worked ass with creamy jizz, which dribbles nicely out onto the counter as Jake kisses Cameron's spunk-slicked face.

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