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Legendary Dallas Steele Gives Devin Franco a “Balls Deep Lecture” for Manalized


Young Upstart Gets Taught Who Daddy Is.

Over at Manalized, the legendary muscle daddy Dallas Steele works his magic all over the muscular bro Devin Franco as the versatile bottom legend-to-be gets a reminder of just what older men are capable of. Dallas has been around the porn scene a while, and he is still glorious with his well-defined muscular frame, silver fox hair and tribal tats. Devin seems in awe as the GayVN Award-winning younger man, who has certainly been making his mark in film after film, scene after scene, learns there's still much to learn. Wisdom is realizing what you have yet to learn, and Devin gets a bucketload of wisdom dumped on his eager and willing ass.

The scene hits the ground running as it opens and they're already buck naked, hard and passionately kissing, with Dallas maintaining an aggressive stance as he spits in Devin's mouth between kisses while he fingers' his fuzzy crack. His cock is raging hard, pressing against Devin's belly, eager to have attention paid. And Devin is ready to comply as he heeds to Dallas' command to get to his knees and, "suck Daddy's cock!" Being a cock-sucking champ, Devin takes the older stud's pole deep down his throat, pleasing his top as he slobbers over and laps at every inch of the erect meat in front of him.

Dallas gets Devin on a ladder, his leg up, spreading his sweet hole wide so Dallas can get behind and eat his ass, driving his bottom crazy as he tongues and teases that pink rosebud. His tongue invades and explores as he strokes Devin's dick down between his legs, using it as a lever to bring his face in even deeper between his cheeks, giving it a few resounding smacks with his palm just to temper the pleasure with some pain.

Standing, he presses his engorged head against Devin's sphincter and insistently presses himself in deep as Devin lets out a moan of wonderment, feeling every inch and every swell of his girthy shaft. The pounding is relentless until Dallas needs to stave off going too far too soon, so Devin is back on his knees swallowing it down, giving some ass-to-mouth action before he's back up and "suffering" another round of relentless pummeling. Laid back on an oil drum, the two look amazing, the younger and older bodies melding as one sweaty, humping mass, grunts and groans filling the air as Dallas absolutely owns Devin's hole.

Dallas pulls out to spray Devin's balls with his hot spunk before shoving it back in to breed him a bit, and this last bit of ownership is what drives Devin over the edge, coating his torso with his own milky geyser.

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