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Fuji Fucks a Masked Ryo For Japanboys


Fuji is kind of the top stud dog over at Japanboys, allowed to suck and fuck whomever they bring to him. He's got a compact, defined body with nice legs and ass that have some musculature to them, which give him an advantage when it comes to putting some power behind his thrusting as he's topping the boy of the moment. In the scene "Fuji Fucks the Masked Man," he gets to play around with the slender bottom Ryo, who agrees to donning the mask made of thin, stretchy material and soft "handcuffs" that Fuji hands him at the beginning of the scene. From there, Ryo simply has to lay back and take direction as he remains masked throughout, with only his mouth exposed. It's a cute, kink-lite scene if you like your boys to dabble in the mild side with just a hint of freaky.

Masked, with his hands bound behind his back, Ryo kneels on the bed and succumbs to Fuji's ministrations, his mouth exploring Ryo's growing bulge through his ultra-mini underwear. Or is that just a Speedo? Meh...same thing. Fuji takes his sweet time with his plaything as he works his gentle hands and mouth around Ryo's engorged cock, tickling and lapping from balls to tip, driving his bottom mild with desire. (This is gay Asian porn; "mild" was not a typo!) Fashioning a rubber cockring around his own package, Fuji flips positions and kneels next to Ryo's face, guiding him down onto his own pole, feeding him his meat through the mouth-hole in the mask.

Fuji is a giving top as he moves Ryo to a position on his hands and knees , his tight ass up and exposed to Fuji's wandering tongue, which explores and licks Ryo's exposed hole until it's nice and wet and ready to be invaded. He kisses, he licks, he laps, and he works one, then two fingers in Ryo's clenched and tight ass. He's willing, he's eager, but there's an excited trepidation for what's going to happen next.

Fuji mounts Ryo, grabs his hips, and starts pumping away as his bottom emits repeated exclamations, air escaping his chest in rhythm with Fuji's thrusts into his ass. It's...cute. Fuji takes him on his back, then face down on the bed from behind, pumping away as Ryo lays compliant with his repeated "eh-eh-eh-eh-eh" his only verbal proof that he's experiencing what we're watching. I always wonder what it would sound like if the director of these scenes told him to verbalize his pleasure with actual words. Ah, the mysteries of Asian porn. When he climbs on and rides Fuji's dick, his top flicks his nipples. This excites the submissive bottom to a gusher of a load spewed over Fuji's torso, which is responded to with Fuji's creamy milk sprayed over Ryo's masked face.

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