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Ricky Greenwood Directs DeAngelo Jackson and Zeno Rey For Noir Male


The Handyman's Works With a Hefty Tool.

I love pretty much whatever Ricky Greenwood directs. And I love when females are used in gay porn, hearkening back to old Joe Gage films. So when Ricky, a straight dude, directs gay porn for Noir Male and throws a chick in there, I'm all for it! "Cumming In the Handyman" has DeAngelo Jackson succumbing to his girlfriend's request to call her cousin Zeno Rey to come repair a faulty sink when DeAngelo proves unsuccessful at this endeavor. Fortunately for Zeno, he proves more than capable at performing other manly tasks as his GF (an uncredited actress, though referred to as "Hazel" at one point) buzzes around the house, providing some well-timed comedic side-bars while the dudes fuck. It's a sexy, well-shot scene with Ricky's usual verité style of natural acting and responses to the sex, and use of natural lighting.

I wish I knew who the girl was; she's cute as hell and gives a realistic line delivery as the scene gets set up. When she removes herself to another room, DeAngelo gets behind Zeno's cute butt and sees some serious plumber crack winking up at him. Without asking permission or any prep whatsoever, he hauls out a thick tool of his own and slams right into Zeno's tight ass, much to the handyman's surprise. He's down to clown, though, and lets the plowing stud do his thing. It's sexy as hell with a tinge of humor which makes it that much more delightful to watch.

Giving us some ATM action, DeAngelo pulls out to slow-down at the energy, allowing Zeno to shift around and dives his face onto the dripping meat, deep-throating his cousin's BF with earnest gusto. He's a cock-sucking champ, taking the full length and girth of DeAngelo's pole to the hilt, basically gag-free and with pure hungry lust. When Hazel interrupts to check on their progress, Ricky stages the scene so Zeno can humorous continue sucking behind the counter as the other two exchange words.

Zeno rises and bends over the counter, giving DeAngelo a chance to taste his hole before he really sets into pummeling it for all he's worth, driving the two insane with forbidden desire, trying to get it all in before she comes back in the room. Maybe that's where the excitement lies? Of course, the inevitable happens, and Hazel arrives unannounced and briefly interrupts the torrid fucking, staying only long enough to give DeAngelo a resounding slap across the face. Non-plussed and with a quick shrug, the two go right back to slamming, then dropping to the ground where Zeno rides some horse cock before taken on his back, getting a creamy load fucked out of him. DeAngelo's ropey strands shooting across Zeno's face and hair give a lasting impression to the proceedings that make me simply say "Slurp!"

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