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Disruptive’s “The Lost Soul” Marries Hot Sex and Loss in an Evocative Short Film


A Love Story Of Sorts, When Sex Overcomes and Intertwines With Loss

Bree Mills over at Disruptive Films is turning out some really interesting stuff, combining handsome sexy men with actual storylines and plots and characters that are performed well, and sexy to boot! In "The Lost Soul," the multi-award-winning director has hot muscle stud Carter Woods as Justin, a man mourning the loss of his partner Mark, attempting to find new direction and meaning in a new house and location. What he finds is another lost soul, a literal lost soul, in the form of shape-shifter Hoss Kado who's looking for a way out of this own purgatory. It's a creepy turn of events (with some cool visual effects!) that leads to some scorching sex and reflective introspection.

On Justin's first night in the new house, Hoss' appears to him, fading between two planes of existence, explaining he's also lost his BF, but intense physical interaction will "recharge" him to become corporeal. He says that Mark can enter his body and be with him one last time. After telling Justin something only he and his dead lover would know, Justin relents to the spirit's plea, and pulls his hard dick out of this boxers for a gagged deep-throating before they lay side by side so Carter can press deep inside Hoss.

They create a genuinely emotional connection through their fucking as they meld bodies and souls, the men rejoining for the first time since his death. Hoss's character is essentially a spirit vessel for Justin's lost Mark to allow Justin to fuck him one last time, and they make the most of their regained passion with searing animal energy. Carter gets a bit rough, placing his hand on Hoss' throat and pressing down as he plows the slender man's tight hole. Spit is exchanged as they kiss, and Hoss' head is pressed down hard onto his cock to suck it deep and long. When Carter fucks a creamy load out of the tightly-muscles and tatted Hoss, he releases with a strained, moaning yell, as if he's just experienced the last load of his existence, with yearning and pain, displaying why the French call that moment "le petit mort."

Carter flips Hoss onto his hands and knees on the bed and really lays into his hole as he calls out his former lover's name "Mark! Baby!" before he pulls out and delivers it straight into Hoss' upturned mouth. And then they collapse. And Carter eventually gets up and hobbles to the mirror to look at himself. But is he still Justin? Or someone else?

Plug In, Get Off! Click the banner below to visit Disruptive Films and see the mystery for yourself.

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