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Bear Films Gives Sean Harding Some of Steve Sommers’ Daddy Meat


A Lucky Cub Gets Daddy's Expertise.

Steve Sommers has been on the scene for a little while now, and there's a reason. He's a hawt Bear Daddy with a thick dick and he knows how to use it. When adorable Cub Sean Harding had a chance to taste his meat and feel him deep inside for their scene over at Bear Films, he jumped at the chance, as any hirsute handsome young man would. But given Sean's more compact size...he's a "pocket cub"...and with his gorgeously hairy, tatted body, it's a toss-up which hottie I wanna stare at more. Placed next to Steve's taller, beefier bod, with his penetrating eyes and penetrating cock, the two make a great pair to watch and jack to.

They start off with some truly passionate kissing as they run their hands over each other's sexy bodies while their tongues and mouths do all the talking, tasting, lapping, licking, pawing...fucking animals, they should get a room! Oh wait, they have a room. YAY! He may be a top, but Steve loves tasting his boy's dick. With Sean's clothes stripped off while he remains in his black jeans and leather harness, Steve wraps his lips around Sean's ample package, taking it deep in his throat with one swift move that draws immediate pleasurable responses from the hard-as-nails cub.

Sean needs to taste some man-meat as well, so Steve strips and lays back allowing Sean to climb on top and get into a 69 position, swallowing his daddy down as Steve laps hungrily at Sean's furry hole. This rimming feels so good, Sean simply sits up and back onto Steve's buried face, jacking his pole as he grinds his furry cheeks back on Steve's beard and tongue. Sean is a simply stunning specimen of cubbylicious manhood, and he looks even better with the older gent's pipe drilling at his tonsils.

Flipping around, Sean plants his spread hole directly onto Steve's member and fucks himself on the man's turgid member, riding him for all he's got. Grabbing Steve's hairy chest, he works up quite the sweat as he bucks and grinds with growing masculine need. Flipping onto his back, he spreads his legs and allows Steve access to his delicious ass, taking him with permissive selfishness. He pounds his ass, pummeling deep as Sean encourages him for more, and faster. He's a cock-hungry slut who loves to get filled, and Steve wants to please his boy-of-the-hour as best he can. Face down, Sean raises his ass to take Steve as he begins a rough rampaging that leaves them both in a slick coating of manly sweat; back on his back, Sean can jack his creamy load which he promptly eats as Steve works his own spunk out all over the fuzzy ass before him, feeding some to his bottom boy. WOOF!

Hit that pic below to visit Bear Films and see for yourself.

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