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Flashback Friday Opens Falcon’s Vintage Vault with Three ’70s Scenes Featuring REALLY Big Dicks


Over at Falcon Studios, I came across a series of scenes all titled "Black Velvet: The Big Deal Pt. 1," a vintage porn flick featuring several solo and duo scenes. The material goes back to the '70s, "pre-condom," which is distinctly different than "bareback." For Flashback Friday, I chose a couple solos and a duo, featuring guys with really large cocks. Like, huge. No...bigger! I'm talking John Holmes-big. In fact, let's get started with Mr. Power Machine swinging a 12 1/2" slab of beef between his legs himself, shall we?

John Holmes

If you're not familiar with the name John Holmes, that's okay. You're simply under 30 and have yet to experience the magnitude of this legendary performer. Bisexual, though mostly straight, he knew who wanted to see his giant dick in action, and that was gay dudes. So he could be persuaded to step away form the straight porn world and dabble in gay porn once in a while, with both solo and fuck scenes where he let some lucky bastard get all his length and girth in him. Here, he does a nice slow jack for you as he straddles a motorcycle. Oh, to be that leather seat and gas tank, looking up and seeing John's incredible tool getting worked to full height before it sprays a geyser of manly cum all over me! Er uh, I mean the bike. He uses the bike well, moving around it, straddling it, shoving his dick between metal parts. At one point he removes the gas cap and takes some whiffs, using the fumes as poppers! Now that is old-school depraved! He might not have been the best human being to walk the earth (you can research his life and career elsewhere) but here, he really knows how to put on a show.


Doug is a strapping young lad with a mostly smooth, hard body and a baby arm packed inside a tightly-stretched jockstrap. There's not a lot to say about this scene—it's simple and delightful. It's pure vintage fun as Doug hauls his tool out in the open and slowly works it up to a full raging boner he lovingly caresses and works over until it's spurting buckets of cum. Simple, yes, but dear lord is this dude hot to watch, His thick meat pointed to the camera, daring you to lean in and give it a lick is delectable. He's the boy next door your horny pervy uncle (or dad!) watches lustfully as he mows the lawn. Me? Oh, I'm on the other side of the street watching your uncle watch Doug and thinking, "Uh huh....so, that;s his deal. Nice."

Big Bill and John Traynor

Now Big Bill (Bill Harrison) and John Traynor are my kinda guys: tall, unassuming dudes with dripping porn 'staches and some body hair over their blue collar bods. If you passed them on the street they only thing clueing you in to whether they played for your team was the hard stare they gave your crotch as they passed you. Old fashioned cruising. Big Bill came from the Bijou Studio world, and John was a Playgirl model. Sorry ladies! Bill's meat is simply massive, long and thick, and John does a great job and getting most of it down his greedy throat. John's a hungry cock pig and can't get enough of the feast in front of him. Bill returns the favor on John's own cock (that is no slouch in the size department, by the way), slurping all over John's tool until he needs to get in some ass action. John bends his muscular frame over and Bill rams it in, plowing away at John's furry crack as his buddy bucks and grinds beneath him. When John climbs on top of Bill's horse, he rides him like the bronco he is. Here we get the best view of John's nicely packed frame, his arms and chest bulging as Bill works his hands over him while he pounds him from beneath until John covers Bill's chest with spunk.

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