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Strap In Guys, Cuz White Trash Wednesday Is Fully Packed


Damn, the White Trash guys are coming out of the woodwork this week to work their wood for ya! Yer boy Hank here has BJs, solos, group jacking, twinks, and a couple tatted muscle daddies just waiting to tempt you with their hard cocks and horny action. I got scenes from Str8 Boyz Seduced, Defianat Boyz and Workin' Men XXX, and if you like what you see, feel free to tap that site's logo to visit and check out the scenes for yourself. Have fun, and keep it trashy!

Levi Davis Solo

Over at Defiant Boyz, Levi Davis is a college-aged hard body with a smooth, well-defined bod and a stiff, petulant cock that demands attention. Jacking to straight porn, this brunette hottie will make you wish you were on your knees in front of him as he strokes out a thick load from his long, beautiful dick. You just wanna grab those chiseled pecs as you slide your hungry mouth down over his flared head. And when he drops his spunk on the floor, you'll wanna dive on it to lap it up. Slurp! And don't worry, you'll be seeing more of Levil later in this post when he joins a few other friends in a rousing circle jerk and suck fest.

Straight Boy Paulie Licks Cock

Str8 Boyz Seduced brings us Paulie, a dark-haired, hirsute hottie who gets  deep sucking from site producer Vinnie. Yep, just two "Jersey bros" kicking back and taking care of themselves when there aren't any chicks around. Like previous Str8 Boyz Seduced scenes, our "straight guy" lays back and watches straight porn while Vinnie does his thing. Paulie, though, gets convinced to take a bit of a taste of Vinnie's rock hard pole, which he does willingly with a silly grin the whole time, like it's just for a laugh. Pretty hot though, especially when he sits back down and finishes off by blowing his stream in Vinnie's mouth. 

Nash Solo

Nash is the kind of blue collar stud that really makes my head turn. 6'1" and 200#, he has a solid build and some tasty ink, not to mention a mouth watering cock dripping with cum. He's got a "smooth cub" vibe so I won't fault him for his hairlessness, cuz he's got it going on in so many other ways. He's like some childhood friend's older brother or uncle I woulda lusted after. This isn't his first time in front of the camera for Workin' Men XXX, and he clearly loves showing off his manly package. He tugs his pud a while, and shoots a hard stream of cream up his torso. But seriously, I don't know what I wanna lick more, his jizz or his hairy pits. Maybe both?

Horny Boys Circle Jerk

Back over at Defiant Boyz, we find Levi Davis (who you saw above in a solo scene), Colin, Casper Cox, and Mason Night whipping their youthful dicks out to show off, jack some loads, and suck some cock. These twunks are a hot group, some smooth, some a bit hairy, some more top and some more eager to fill their mouths with their buddies' poles, but all horned up and ready to go. They're all stroking to straight porn when Levi gets things really hopping when he goes down on Casper, which leads to the fuzzy Collin getting two loads in his face before the more reticent Casper jacks his own.

Steve Solo

Steve is 36, 6'4 and 195#'s. As an avid triathlete, he's got a hard lean body to show off his athletic prowess, and a turgid member to show off his jacking prowess. He has a bit more of a professional vibe to him than many other Workin' Men XXX dudes, so he was a bit of a surprise. Less white trash, more white trash adjacent. He strips, he poses, and he whacks his thick daddy cock in your face until he's spewing globs of man goo. Enjoy!



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