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Felix Fox Shares His Top 5 Tips For Better Sex


Felix Fox: Top 5 Tips for Better Sex

Felix Fox' body is just ridiculous. He looks like he's chiseled out of marble, his bubble ass barely moves as it gets fucked, and his perky cock is always at attention. Those blonde curls and beautiful blue eyes just add to his stunning image of a Greek god. He has only been on the adult film scene for not even a year but has already amassed a strong following and, between studio and Fans content, is a full time porn star. If that body and sex drive weren't enough, he's also very sweet and playful in person. We loved meeting him at CLAW and look forward to more time with this fuck stud. He stopped by to give his Top 5 Tips for Better Sex and we are gladly going to put them to the test:

First of all, I just wanted to start off by saying I think “better sex “is something that is subjective and varies from person to person. Something that I have learned first and foremost, through having sex with different people, is that each person likes to have sex in a different way, has their own unique kinks, and has different things that turn them on, which I think is part of what makes us beautiful and why having multiple partners is so much fun. That being said, that will lead me to my first point.

1.) Listen to your partner when they tell you about what they like.

If your partner is telling you that they have a kink, then address that kink and play off of it. Sex is so much fun and within intercourse dwells an eclectic variety of ways in which climax is achieved. If they’re into bondage, bust out the ropes. If they’re into fisting, break out that J-Lube! If they just want to sit down with you and kiss you and make love to you, help them to achieve that goal! If your partner is happy and you are happy, and the sex will be great, and most importantly, natural.

The first time I ever had sex with a guy, it was both of our first times with another guy. It was tons of fun, and I learned a lot, but I craved so much more. So, the following time I had sex with him, I asked him if he could use handcuffs on me. And so he did, and I loved it!!! From there, I developed a fetish for being tied up. Haven’t lost it to this day.

2.) Establish limits.

My second tip is something that plays off of the first, in terms of vocalizing your desires, however in this case, what is being vocalized are the limits. Establishing limits before things get frisky will generate both trust and comfort, and will establish a safe environment that will minimize the risk of injury. Getting injured during sex kinda blows ass, like a lot. So obviously, we want to do everything we can to abstain from injuries. As long as you preemptively establish parameters that are well within the comfort zones of both people, you can go about your night of fun without fear of injury. Having the fear of injury looming over one’s head during sex probably isn’t the biggest turn-on.

To be honest, when it comes to bondage, establishing safe words and parameters in which you are not willing to pass is irrevocably imperative to the success of the endeavor. Even if you have a gag in your mouth, having a nonverbal safe word is also important. Or even if it’s something as simple as telling your partner “I don’t like it when you bite my nipples,” it will increase how much fun you have since they are no longer going to be doing something that you dislike. And now, you both know that you don’t like it when your nipples are bitten. But maybe you just haven’t had me bite them yet…

3.) Have fun

Obviously, having fun is just a no-brainer when it comes to having good sex. If you’re having fun then ultimately the sex is going to be fun. Just relax, let loose, let go of all your worries, trust yourself and your partner, and know that you’re going to have a good time. Your mind is a very powerful tool while you are having sex, and small things can take you out of the moment in an instant if you let it. However, you are ultimately in control of your mind. So, you control what mood you are in.

It’s totally happened to me before where I’ll be having sex, and then all of a sudden something small or insignificant will happen and I will just let it get to me and it completely turns me off. Sometimes I think my mind hates me because I’ll be thinking about 1 million other things during sex, and sometimes it just makes me laugh when I think about a silly scene from a movie or some other insipid thing inside my imagination! I’m not great at focusing on things.

4.) Don’t rush things.

Definitely don’t rush things. If you go too fast, things will definitely hurt. I speak out of experience there. I think most people have a similar story for their first time doing anal, but my partner and I at the time were both super damn horny and ready to just stick it in. And I was ready to finally use something that wasn’t a dildo. So we put the lube on and just shoved it in. Or at least we tried to. I’m a tight bitch, and that sticks to this day. So yeah, that was an inexorably unique pain that I sincerely do not plan on experiencing ever again for the rest of my life. The sensation of taking a dick in your ass when you haven’t properly opened up yet is like sneezing with your eyes wide open. It’s basically getting Charley horsed right on the prostate. It sucks. Moral of the story: slow down when you’re fucking. Your body will thank you!

5.) Be different

My fifth and final tip about having good sex is don’t be afraid to be goofy or be different while you’re having sex. Everyone is different when it comes to having sex. If you’re unsure about having sex due to any prior moral obligations or any beliefs that you might’ve had in your past, feel free to let go. The only person holding you back when it comes to sexual exploration is yourself. Humans change, and they grow and evolve as they get older. Or, oftentimes, people will find themselves obstructed or limited when it comes to trying new things while having sex because they’ve been taught that that’s not the proper way or that’s not the right way to do it. You are your own person and sex is about you and your partner(s). Never feel bad doing something new sexually because you were raised a certain way, or were told it was wrong.

For the longest time, I, as well as countless other guys of all ages, have been told to abstain from acting on our feelings. For me, this was due to how I was raised and my family’s beliefs, both subjective & religious. At the time I knew they still loved me, and I know they still do now, but it was still very hard when our differing ideologies clashed. So there was that conflict within my head whenever I had sex with guys before I really came out as gay to my family. But, as time has gone on, I've learned not to let other people's opinions influence my actions, obviously to a sensible degree. However, letting someone else determine your sex life really isn’t fair to yourself.

Have fun! And always remember, if you’re flexible you’re sexable!!!

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