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TopFanVids Is Celebrating the Holidays With Discounts, and We Have Three Scenes Here to Check Out!


TopFanVids is celebrating the holidays with their 12 Days of Christmas promotion, offering a huge discount on monthly memberships which are discounted at 52% percent off or $12-a-Month For Life! To help celebrate, they're releasing a new pro-am video every day, and guys, these are some blazing hot scenes of your favorite porn stars in a more casual, relaxed, at-home kinda setting. Think porn professionals on their day off, but still fucking each other! Here are three of the scenes recently released you're sure to enjoy.

Michael Boston with Cole Connor, Round 2

Versatile muscle-bear Daddy Cole Connor is all over the place it seems, and here, he's relaxing with bottom stud Michael Boston as the two release some serious pent-up energy. With Cole's muscular and hairy body lording over Michael's beefy young goodness, you know you have a winning match. I love when Michael keeps his chest hair visible, so this scene was a delight for yer boy Hank here, watching two hairy men go at each other. They simply look like they're having a lot of fun, whether they're swallowing each other's tools, or when Michael's beautiful bubble butt is getting royally plowed by Cole's daddy dick...and vice versa! When Michael unleashes his jizz right into Cole's upturned mouth? C'mon! Now that's how a Top Daddy services his bottom!

Aaron Chu with Damian Dragon

Aaron Chu, with visiting top stud Damian Dragon, are an absolute pleasure to watch. Asians in porn are usually relegated to the straight side of things, and then, almost only displaying females. When it comes to Asian men in gay porn, it's almost non-existent in America to see them. They are, for lack of a better word, exotic in gay porn outside of Japan. So when a slab of bottom muscle beef like Aaron Chu invites fellow Asian muscle god Damian Dragon to plow his hole, it's a a rare thing of beauty, and it'll leave you hungry for more. Not that they won't satisfy you, you'll just want to see more of them! Damian is an intense top, with his head-to-toe ink work, his intimidating musculature, and his quiet but dominating vibe, he controls things, but only so far as bottom boy Aaron allows. They savor each other's hard cocks before Damian climbs up and drills Aaron's hole until the breeding milk is flowing. Aaron describes the scene as a rarity because his partner was also Asian, and you'll believe you witnessed something special.

Colby Melvin with Liam Knox and Xavier

I love when you get three guys together who aren't duplicates of each other; Liam is massively bulking and tatted, Colby is hairy and beefy, and Xavier is more slender and smooth. But what do they have in common? They all love to fuck and get fucked, and this torrid threesome is a cock-sucking, flip-fucking extravaganza! Watching Colby get his gorgeous ass plowed by Liam's rampaging cock, his full hard-body frame pushing his dick deep in Colby's hole, is one thing, but when Colby them gets to slam away at Liam's rock-hard ass? Whew! There's nothing better than watching a top-daddy go ass up and take it like a man!

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