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Shane Stone Lays Pipe in Oliver James For Hard Brit Lads


Working Class Laddies Bang and Suck For a Buck.

Shane Stone and Oliver James are two hot-as-fuck British lads who look like any working class, blue-collar hottie you'd see in a workman's jumpsuit somewhere in some small town in England, and Hard Brit Lads captures all their intense action. With their hard stare and scruffy looks, their imposing ink work gives them a slightly dangerous aura, but you see them and think, "Eh, fuck it, I'm here on vacay and wanna have a go-round with a local." So you take you chances...and they pay off big time. At least, that's the fantasy I conjure in my noggin as I watch these two hard bodies sweat, suck, and slam with a masculine lack of control or care. Shane has a mostly-smooth, well-defined body and longish hair he loves to play with as he drills the tatted and hairy otter Oliver, a willing supplicant to deviance. They both have gorgeous scruffy beards and look amazing even when they're just passionately kissing, much less having a rock-hard uncut cock sliding past their fur-covered lips and down their throats.

Starting off in skimpy soccer shorts, they look like they might have stepped off a rugby field as they grope and kiss, feeling hardening poles beneath the shiny fabric. They do an enticing slow reveal of what they're packing, letting cock-heads peak out beneath the leg holes before they pull them off and let their prodigious members plop out. Shane's is especially long and thick, the uncut head peering from the ends of his foreskin as Oliver drops to his knees and takes it almost all the way down in one fell swoop. He wastes no time and is deep-throating that monster, pulling off to spit on it and go back down with hungry greed. When Oliver is full hard, he matches Shane for girth and Shane gets his own amount of sucking time in, savoring every inch of his buddy's tool.

On the couch, Shane wets a finger and plays with Oliver's hairy crack as his cock gets devoured some more before he's tonguing Oliver's hole, preparing it for his punishment. Oliver sits down fully on that hard length and rides it like he's taming it. He won't. On his back, Shane takes control and stuffs his friend as his moans are called out in ecstatic response. On his hands and knees, the two look amazing filmed from below, with Shane's tumescence spreading Oliver's ass almost impossibly as it slams in and out, driving the bottom wild as he furiously jacks out a creamy load. On his knees, Oliver takes blast after blast of Shane's ropey strands of jizz in an incredibly well-capture geyser that will leave you jealous and hungry for your own.

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