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Leo Is “Rolling With the Skater Boy” Bryan For Latin Leche


This Isn't Avril's Sk8er Boi!

At Say Uncle's channel Latin Leche, thick-dicked perv Leo has spotted cute tatted twink Bryan doing his thing in the skate park, and decides he wants to be "Rolling With the Skater Boy." Admittedly, Bryan doesn't seem to be all that great at skating. Maybe instead of impressing and drawing attention to himself by shredding awesome cuts and half-pipes, he gets the attention of guys by falling a lot. Leo has pulled out his camera and is filming Bryan, enamored by his slender physic covered in a vast network of ink art when he witnesses Bryan's spills. Wandering over, camera still going, he offers assistance to the young man who wonders aloud why Leo is filming him. Leo, in true Latin Leche protocol, flashes his cash at the young "straight" guy and offers to pay him for a BJ right there in the skate park. How far will Bryan go, and how much cash does Leo have on him?

Dubious at first, Bryan can't resist the older gent's wad, and drops to his knees as Leo hauls out his fat piece of meat. It's uncut and quite thick, taking Bryan temporarily aback with its size. But he wants that green (and gold and yellow and blue and other colors of the rainbow that adorn a bunch of pesos) and he's opening his mouth nice and wide to let Leo slip his daddy dick in. He seems to take to cock sucking pretty easily, slobbering up and down the length of the shaft as he savors every inch, even pulling off and teasing the head with his tongue in true delectable dick-hungry fashion. It's looking like he's earning his money's worth, right there out in the open, when Leo ups the proverbial ante by suggesting they go back to his apartment for more action, and more money.

Back in his abode, Bryan can really go for broke on Leo's thick pole, getting it nice and wet and prepped for his backside. Leo bends Bryan over onto his bed and takes some time to spread the supposedly virgin cheeks before him, exposing the hole and getting his fingers in his crack, showing off the territory he plans to plunder. Pressing tightly against the sphincter, it takes a bit to open Bryan up to accept him fully, but he's soon shoving his full length in deep as the younger man groans and moans, knowing this is gonna pay off for him monetarily. He gets plowed on his hands and knees, then climbs up to ride Leo's horse before he finally is taken on his back where he proves he's a natural bottom, getting a spewing load fucked out of him. When he drops back to his knees to suck Leo's cream straight from the tap, letting the spunk sit to savor on his tongue, we know this kid has acquired a taste for jizz!

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