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Manuel Skye and Tan Blitz Display Their Athleticism In “Gymnasts” over at Masqulin


It's Like Something Out of Cirque du Solei!

In Masqulin's "Gymnasts," Tan Blitz is getting some lessons from Manuel Skye on different maneuvers, positions and form to improve his athletic ability. When things start to heat up, they move from gymnastics to others maneuvers, positions and forms of a much more sexual nature. It's a hot pairing with these two: Tan is young and fit with a muscle cub look, his trim and defined form accentuated by a fine covering of hair. And Manuel is a smooth and muscular daddy with a huge schlong. So, you know, they fit together! Their coupling was one of the more erotically intense that I've seen in a while as they connect in some energetic and very real ways throughout their session.

What's interesting is that for the first chunk of this, they're actually in an outdoor park with gym bars and other equipment, doing light gymnastic moves. According to the scene description, Manuel is a "Spiritual XXX model and professional acrobat," so that would explain the condition of his body, which is well-defined and muscular. It also explains why he can do a standing hand-stand and full side splits on a bar. Damn! While giving the younger Tan pointers, who's no slouch in the physique department, by the way, Manuel looks fine as hell shirtless in his tights performing these moves much to Tan's admiration.

Back at Manuel's place, they have big dicks and more gym equipment to play with. Using an aerial trapeze/dance device (think double looped sex sling), Tan can lay back and open his throat for Manuel to slip his enormous, fat daddy cock into. Tan looks amazing laid back, the older man's meat filling his mouth to the gagging point. Shifting his position a bit, he can get orally serviced by Skye, and then with another slight shift of the body, his beautiful fuzzy ass is up and spread with Manuel's face and tongue digging in nice and deep. Wrapping his legs around the upper part of the bands, he can lay all the way back so he's inverted, or easily use his abs to swing himself back upright.

This aerial dance device also makes for a really comfortable fuck sling as Manuel presses deep into his new friend's asshole, splitting it open much to Tan's delight. He pulls out, gently rotates his bottom, and Tan's head is crotch level and cleaning his cock off, giving us a little ass-to-mouth action. Rotating him again and he's plowing Tan's hole again. It's a fantastically creative use of non-sexual equipment for sexual purposes. And Tan is in ecstasy, his vocalizations and facial contortions reveal the depth of his lust and what Manuel is making him experience.

Manuel puts Tan through the wringer, fucking him in several of these positions for quite a while before taking him to the bed for a traditional legs-in-the-air plowing. He fucks a huge load out of the younger man before spewing his jizz over Tan's balls, then shoving it al back in, breeding him a bit.

This was absolutely beautiful to watch.

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