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Bubble Butts, Bulges, Male Strippers, & Cesar Xes: Cybersocket Heats Up at 340 Nightclub


Bubble Butts, Bulges, Male Strippers, & Cesar Xes: Cybersocket Heats Up at 340 Nightclub

On the cusp of the Inland Empire and San Gabriel Valley borders lies 340 Nightclub, the largest gay entertainment complex in the area. Springing up like an art deco dream, the streamlined structure and dramatic entrance (built in 1913) house one of the sexiest and liveliest nights SoCal has to offer. The 18+ club offers some of the hottest Latin men dancing on stage Thursday thru Saturday, as well as the most iconic RUPAUL’S DRAG RACE superstars and biggest names from the gay adult industry hosting, performing, and offering FREE Meet & Greets. Weekly events include Thursday’s infamous SORORITY & GIRLS LOCKER ROOM, STALLION FRIDAYS, and Saturday night’s STRIPPED: All Male Revue. Cybersocket was on hand for last week’s STRIPPED, and we brought Cesar Xes, the Don Juan of Porn, with us. The evening was a huge success, with something for everyone…including a lot of ass, dick, and muscles.

We were greeted by Billy, aka Hogatha, complete with a bow tie and big personality, who ushered us into the throng of the evening, already in full swing. The crowd was thumping and flirting, a sea of diversity and hotness; and the too hot to handle staff (hi, Manny!) were serving it up left and right. The ringmaster of the evening, Wes, was keeping the crowd going with his musical beats and raunchy audience callbacks.

After a moment (and cocktail) in the dressing room, it was time to hit the stage. 340 Nightclub’s STRIPPED stage, located on the lower level of the club, is a Vegas dream. Go-go cages, TV screens, stellar lighting and sound, and a perfectly constructed stage provided the perfect atmosphere for the mega-hot lineup of male dancers. Jair, Sebastian, Huck, Montague, Stud Buffin, Mauri, and Jorge were all on point with sexy dance moves and Chippendale-worthy costumes.

Cesar and Wes kept the crowd going as each dancer made their grand entrance down the STRIPPED staircase to play with the audience. The men, all perfectly muscled with bubble butts and bouncing bulges, wasted no time in jumping into the audience for lap dances, crotch muffles, booty slaps, and heavy petting. Each number ended with a lucky audience member getting the full treatment on stage.

STRIPPED is the perfect evening for a simple night out with friends, birthdays, or any other special occasion.  If it’s your birthday, you get a birthday shot mid-show. Don’t miss the Dick Shots, served with a straw in a plastic penis.  LOL.

Did we mention, even the lighting guy was hot?

With everyone worked up from the stage show, the evening continued well into the night as the strippers took to the go-go cages spread throughout the club. Two levels of dancing, flirting, bottle service, hot boys and girls, and stellar music…the perfect evening.

With a set of new phone numbers from sexy encounters and new Instagram profiles to stalk the next day, we Ubered home dreaming of next week’s STRIPPED.

Check out 340 Nightclub and watch for more Cybersocket TakeOvers!

Special thank you to the equally as hot Gustavo, who played photog for us for the night.

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