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Cole Maddox Wrecks Luke Truong In “Falcon Live: 4 the Fans” at Raging Stallion and Falcon


It's an Interracial Muscle Mashup of Epic Proportions

"Falcon Live: 4 the Fans" was an event held a little bit back in which Falcon/Raging Stallion stars fucked live for an audience of internet fans who had the opportunity to interact somewhat and get a "backstage pass" of sorts to all the sordid proceedings. This scene featuring muscle gods Cade Maddox and super-bottom Luke Truong was one of the pairings and damn do they sizzle! It's available to view now at both Falcon Studios and Raging Stallion.

If you know anything about yer boy Hank here, you know I'm all about the thick beef and hair. Like, when I caught a glimpse of the camera operator I was hoping he'd jump into the mix. But I gotta give it to these two incredible looking studs. They simply have bodies that won't quit; hard, bulging, and defined, their bodies tense and flex and gleam with building sweat as they move through the action of their masculine passions, and they look simply incredible as they go about their activities.

Luke is an absolute cock hound of the highest order. He's submissive, bound and determined to get every inch of Cade's massive hard tool wherever his top wants to put it. Cade gives off a quiet authority as he gently utters commands to his bottom bitch, and Luke is ready, willing and able to comply. His throat expands like a reptile's to make space for Cade's pipe as it lays ground deep in Luke's throat. He can take the face-fucking that Cade doles out, gagging and sputtering but never backing off, pushing his abilities to the limit and beyond. Cade's breathy, lusty responses of, "fuck yeah, there you go" fill the room alongside the sounds of Luke's wet mouth, and it only heightens the eroticism of what we're watching. If you make it past the visual of Cade laid back on the couch with Luke kneeling before him, his face buried deep in Cade's crotch, you'll be treated to some magnificent rimming. Luke sits down on Cade's face and he tongue fucks him like he's starving at a buffet, the younger man writhing and moaning in response.

Luke then sits down on Cade's thick pipe, allowing him some control in getting used to the feel and stretch it's invariably giving him. A necessary move, because when Cade bends him over and begins a pummeling assault on his backside, it looks slightly painful just to watch much less experience. Hey, not that I wouldn't want to give it my best attempt!

The two are a quivering mass of sweat-soaked muscles when Cade blows his spunk over his bottom's ass and balls before shoving it back in to breed him a bit, and if you're not exhausted watching them, well, you must have finished off much earlier. Congrats, you have so much more to enjoy!

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