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A Two-Fur Hump Day Treat of Hawt Hairy Bear Beef!


Yer boy Hank here woke up hankering for some hairy beef, and I found a couple hot scenes at Bear Films and Hairy and Raw, so being the altruistic perv that I am, I thought I'd give them to you in one post. Double fisted, so to speak. Can you take two at once? Fuck yeah you can! Click on their individual banners to take you to their website to view the scenes for yourself!

Max Horss and John Lock

Over at Bear Films, Max Horss (incorrectly spelled animal name but we'll take it) proves his pun-ishing nom de porn with Bear Films regular John Lock (incorrectly spelled 17th century philosopher and writer who urged "each of us to use reason to search after truth rather than simply accept the opinion of authorities or be subject to superstition" and whose work would absolutely be relevant in today's Q-Anon world...but again, we'll take it!). These are two incredibly handsome bundles of hirsute goodness, with hot scruffy beards and matching septum piercings. They mash tongues and faces in some truly passionate kissing, eagerly tasting of each other as they rub and pet and paw their shapely bodies, emitting slight growls and grunts of lust. Max's cock is impressively beautiful: thick and uncut without being obnoxiously long. Workable, and large enough to definitely leave an impression. And it looks amazing sliding in and out of John's handsome face as he works his mouth over the girthy pole, hungrily slobbering all over its delicious hardness. Max gives John equal cock sucking time as he plants his blue-collar-vibe face onto John's dick, eating his meat until he's moaning in anticipation of more. And Max gives him more, lifting his sturdy legs up and tasting his hole, tongue-fucking his hairy crack to prep it for his "hot beef injection" as Bender once said many years ago in detention. When Max slides his dick deep between John's butt cheeks, it elicits a series of pleasurable groans and utterances to raise the roof. John's in heaven as his ass is invaded by the plowing Max, whose horse charges into the back 40, rutting like the animal he is. I especially loved watching John jack his milky load while sucking on Max's cock in true cock-whore fashion. He needs that dick in him to get off!


Ray Diesel and Matt Stevens

Ray Diesel and Matt Stevens hooked up on the patio of the Inn Leather of Ft. Lauderdale, and if other patrons were watching all the fun, they didn't seem to mind. Hairy and Raw caught all the hot action of these two older hairy studs showing the young 'uns how it's done. I love that you can hear the music from the club thumping inside, giving all their sucking and fucking a fun backdrop, even though it might not exactly be on my playlist. It really makes you feel like you're standing in the vicinity, drink in hand, and getting a free show as the two don't bother taking their masculine attraction somewhere more private. And thank goodness they don't! It doesn't take Matt long to drop to his knees and take the full length of Ray's thick, curved snake deep down his throat, coaxing it up to full hard. And it doesn't take long after that for Ray to get Matt on his back in the sling, legs high and wide, spreading his fuzzy cheeks and landing his daddy cock deep in Matt's hole. Seriously, his cock is planted where it belongs before we've hit the 3-minute mark! These guys ain't fucking around when it comes to fucking around. With Matt laid back, we get a fantastic view of both these hairy muscle studs humping and pumping in the open air. It's glorious when Matt gets a thick load fucked out of him, spewing all over his tight hairy torso, and it's even more glorious when Ray pulls out to splash his own spunk over Matt's balls before he fucks his load back into him, draining his hose deep in Matt's colon.

Happy viewing guys! Click those banners above and below.

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