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Gabe Bradshaw Makes Cocky Boys Debut with Fan Favorite Roman Todd


The Young Man's Fantasy Comes True!

In Gabe Bradshaw's debut for CockyBoys, he gets to live out a fantasy for every porn newcomer: getting his holes royally owned by gorgeously muscle-god Roman Todd in their self-titled scene. Most of you are familiar with Roman's work, versatilely giving and taking the best cocks in the biz. Here, he gets to play top daddy to the smooth, cute twink Gabe, breaking him in literally and figuratively. Requesting his presence in his hotel room, Gabe enters and proceeds to obey all of the hunk's orders, from dropping on all fours and crawling across the floor to him, to putting his mouth and ass exactly where he wants it. With some added rough play of face-slapping and spitting, hair pulling, and mild choking, Gabe is here for all of it, begging for more the more he's given. He aims to please, and ultimately does.

The whole thing is weirdly dark, which gives it all an authentic hotel hook-up vibe; some kid answers a daddy's call on Grindr and enters the darkened room and starts to obey orders. For me, it makes it all the more pervy and sexy as light plays with shadows and body parts are revealed in pieces and hints. Playing his part well, Roman is mega-hot with his verbally aggressive top stance, calmly voicing his orders to the eager kid at his disposal. And Gabe, in turn, is a willingly submissive cock-whore, ready to serve and please with open mouth and spread ass cheeks. He sucks down Roman's thick meat like a hungry bitch, gagging on it until his eyes water and the saliva pours off his tongue as he pulls off, smiling at the good job he's done. Roman voices his pleasure with a constant stream of uttered, "Oh yeah...fuck yeah."

When it comes to the fucking, Gabe is in seventh heaven as the gorgeous hunk of flesh rams his thick pole deep in his hole, slamming in to let Gabe know just who's boss. And Gabe can't get enough, groaning repeatedly, "Oh fuck yeah, fuck the shit out of me! Wreck my fuckin' hole!" Roman's dick looks amazing as it slides in like torpedo slicing through enemy waters, aimed with one target in mind until the end is just as explosive. When he shoots his creamy load then fucks it back in the boy, it's the culmination of all that Gabe has been dreaming of out of his introductory scene.

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