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Falcon Studios Proves When It Comes To Finding Love, “It’s Complicated” In Their New Full-Length


"The Path Of True Love Never Did Run Smooth." Or Something.

Falcon Studios brings writer/director Steve Cruz together with Exclusives Devin Franco and Reign, and fan favorites JJ Knight, Vincent O'Reilly, Roman Todd, Evan Knoxx, David Zayn, Ian Greene, Shae Reynolds and Jordan Starr, as well as newcomer Gabriel Nogueira in It's Complicateddescribed as a "tongue in ass cheek rom-com for the modern gay dater." It's all beautifully filmed, and besides delivering scorchingly hot sex, the performers play their scenes with light-hearted playfulness. It's available now on DVD at the Falcon/Naked Sword store, and the first scene is available to stream at Falcon Studios.

Devin gets to show his top side getting it on with his new BF Gabriel. After a lengthy tongue bath administered to his buddy's cavernous asshole, he proceeds to fill his hole with several inches of thick raw cock. Whether it's bent over, sitting down on it or taken on his hands and knees, Gabriel never stops verbalizing his lusty appreciation for Devin's sweaty efforts. After a little ATM action, Gabriel's hole is sprayed with Devin's spunk and re-fucked before Devin, caring top that he is, swallows down every drop of Gabriel's own milk.

JJ's daddy cock is impressive. Let's just get that out in the open. It's 9.5" long, curved, and super thick, and his date, Vincent, is up to the task of satisfying him. And he must be doing a great job cuz JJ is all about filling Vincent's gagging mouth and stretched-out hole. These two tatted studs are both fixated on the same thing: JJ's pipe. After some saliva-sputtering oral, Vincent smartly starts off the fucking by sitting back on that monster, allowing himself to get used to the girth. But it doesn't take long before JJ has him face down in the pillows and is assaulting his backside with his vigorous masculinity. On his back, Vincent is in the best position to take dick until he's covered in their thick jizz.

Roman is an egotistical bro who explains how he loves hanging out with his gay buddy Evan, "the gay version of me." Huh?!?! Okay, we'll run with that. After a rigorous hike in the hills, the two are back at Roman's house where the top stud gently attacks his friend, and that naturally turns to kissing and a whole lot more. Roman, winner of Fleshbot's 2021 Best Total Package Award, shows his topping abilities as he jams Evan's face full of hard dick before he takes out his overflowing testosterone all over Evan's fine tight ass. The two give an intense sexual performances as Roman jackhammers Evan's hole until they're both blowing sprays of cum.

David, in his scene with Reign, provides a bit of a physical departure from the rest. He's not as pumped up, giving off instead a leaner post-hippie vibe, the tatted alterna-dude you see fixing bikes in Portland when he's not drenched in coffee at a vegan bakery. He's a champ at taking Reign's long thick meat, either down his throat with gag-less ease, or eagerly up his willing ass. He sits on it, he face plants for it, he raises his legs to God for it. He's all about taming that snake until he's covered in cream.

Bearded cutie Ian and his BF Jordan invite hung youngster Shae over to join them in their bed. Because why the fuck not? Shae is all about his two new daddies as he orally satisfies them both, paying special attention to Ian's hairy hole before he is presented with the opportunity to cram his cock not in just Ian's spit-lubed crack but then Jordan's as well! Nothing says "love" like watching your lover get his ass plowed by someone else, I always say. (No, seriously, I do say that!)

Check out the first scene of It's Complicated over at Falcon Studios, or purchase the digital download or DVD at the Falcon/Naked Sword store. Hit that banner below.


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