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18 RuPaul’s Drag Race Contestants We’d Like to Tuck & Fuck


When you say “gay football”, you mean one of two things: an all-gay football league in local city or RuPaul’s Drag Race. The Emmy-winning reality show is 14 seasons in with no hint at slowing down. It’s known the world over, with different versions appearing in Spain, Italy, Holland, Thailand, Australia, Canada, and the UK. And while it’s always a talent show and a fashion show, once in a while, it’s also a thirst trap. Below, we look back at some of the hottest and horniest Drag Race contestants around the world with bulge pics, nude leaks, and more.

Ella Vaday, UK Season 3


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This super cute Brit was a West End guy before landing in the top three of the latest season of UK. That booty is no joke and neither is that bulge. He could get us going day or night.

Kameron Michaels, USA Season 10

One of the hottest pieces of trade to ever enter that workroom, Kameron Michaels is everyone’s Drag Race crush and there’s no confusion as to why. Look at that slight curve. Yum.


Scarlet Adams, Australia Season 1

After landing in the top of the first-ever season of Drag Race Australia, Scarlet took to OnlyFans and created content fans all over the world are going crazy for.

Gothy Kendoll, UK Season 1


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The very first person ever eliminated on Drag Race UK, Gothy made a big impression with fans. Soon, he was also on OnlyFans showing off that absolutely MASSIVE knob and perfect peach.

Honey Davenport, USA Season 11

I’ll have what he’s packing, please. The sex-positive Honey D knows how to keep fans thirsty on the gram with all his trappings. Between that package and that ass, where would you even begin?

Rose, USA Season 13


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One of the finalists in the latest season of American Drag Race was actually born in Scotland, hence the uncut meat. Rose may not be everyone’s cup of tea as a queen, but as a boy, he’s bae. These art photos are truly beautiful and capture his beauty well.

Vanessa Vanjie Mateo, USA Season 10 & 11

Vanjie is the viral superstar of RuPaul’s Drag Race but I’d take that package over a catchphrase anyday. Look how full that basket looks.

The Vixen, USA Season 10

The outspoken star of season 10, The Vixen also has a thriving online porn presence. Vixen has so much content on OnlyFans and all of it is hot.


Joey Jay, USA Season 13


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Joey Jay didn’t last too long last season, but that doesn’t matter when you’re that cute—fans will stan and Grindr nudez will leak.

Anubis, UK Season 3


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Young Anubis was the first to leave in the latest season of UK, but if the challenge was biggest dick, he would have won the crown all together. I’m going to take a trip to Egypt after these pics and do some research of my own. DAMN ANUBIS! That might be the best cock of the bunch.

Jackie Cox USA Season 12


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Thirst master extraordinaire Jackie Cox knows what boys like. Jackie is always giving us shirtless work outs, bulge pics, short-shorts, and yes even the peach. Now if he had an OnlyFans, we’d be talking cheddar.

A’Whora, UK Season 2


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A’Whora might have been a bit of a lightning rod on season 2 of UK, but maybe it’s because he has all that rod. These pictures made me lust after him in a way the telly did not. More please!

Rock M. Sakura, USA Season 12


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This now infamous video of Rock M. Sakura at Folsom never gets old. Oh to have been a mouth that day.


Aquaria, USA Season 10


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The sexy winner of RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 10, Aquaria is an Italian twink you want to lick from toe to eyebrow. #FreeThePepporini

Ellie Diamond, UK Season 2

This Scottish queen is packing in all the right places. There’s something so sexy about Ellie, and damn does he fill out a fair of briefs well. Apparently the photo below is from his Grindr.

Carmen Farala, Spain Season 1

Before winning the inaugural season of Drag Race España, Carmen must have been a model because that face and body are money in the bank. Also, a keen observer will notice his package was always full-out in those grey sweatpants and in these underwear pics.

Sum Ting Wong, UK Season 1

This season 1 UK contestant was a fan favorite, and sexy in his own way. Apparently, he has an Alt Twitter where things get hot…

Elektra Shock, Australia Season 1

This delicious piece of Kiwi trade appeared on the first season of Australia and set everyone’s down under aflame. It’d be worth whatever elektra shock to slobber on that for a while.

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