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Roman Eros Gets Hosed by Dillon Diaz & Smash Thompson In His “Sexy Fireman Fantasy” at Kink Men


His Raging Fire Gets Doused By Big Hoses!

Over at Kink Men, Roman Eros is fantasizing about a couple firemen he saw in action, and it gets the fire in his loins smoldering. After a jack-off session, he dozes off and falls into his "Sexy Firemen Fantasy," in which he's taken forcibly by the two hawt uniformed studs. Dillon Diaz and Smash Thompson are stunning in their fireman uniforms as they spit-roast and work over their ginger hunk of a "victim". It may be a bit of a rape fantasy but Roman surely isn't putting up much of a fight! This scene is great not only for the threesome that takes up most of the action, but also for Eros' hot-as-fuck solo prelude as he strips down and whacks one off first.

As he wakes in his dream, Roman is attacked by the two musclemen, flipping him over and getting his hands tied behind his back. I'm not exactly sure what this activity has to do with firefighting, when Smash says, "Get him tied up, just like we learned in firefighting school," but hey, I ain't gonna complain. Sounds like a training program I could get behind. He's dragged to his knees and forced to suck on their hoses, which he does voraciously, his rising hunger not easily satisfied. His resistance quickly fades away to terminal lust as the two big dicks have a sword fight in his mouth, his spit dripping as he works both impressive pieces of meat back and forth and sometimes at the same time. Dillon and Smash keep up a steady stream of dirty talk that fills the room along with the erotic sound of Roman slobbering all over the poles which only adds to the masculine energy that pervades the room.

Back on the bed, Roman is on his hands and knees, his face planted in Smash's crotch being fed more cock as Dillon assaults his upturned muscular cheeks with a large flogger. This is wielded mightily until his ass turns a nice bright pink, which gives the two men tacit approval to blindfold him and invade his hole. Smash gags his victim with his turgid member as Dillon sinks his pipe in deep, plowing his tender hole as his thrusting hips push Roman's face deeper onto Smash's thick snake. As the pummeling commences, Smash fits Roman with a leather horse bit clamped into his mouth to further the bondage kink element. Quite simply, these three look stunning as the two aggressive tops flip positions, back and forth, filling Roman gruffly with all they have to offer. They all have powerfully-built bodies, some with a bit of hair, some with hot ink work, the sweat gleaming off their skin as they increase their masculine exertions.

On his knees, the mouth bit still in place, Roman's handsome face is doused in two thick creamy loads that cover his cheeks and drip into his mouth, his tongue flicking out between the spaces created by the bit to taste the metallic saltiness. It's a gorgeously depraved image that wraps this all up nicely.

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