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Tyler Wu Let’s Nathan B. Into His “Secret Garden” Over At NextDoor Studios


A One-Way Flight To Colombia Just For Cock? Sure!

Tyler Wu wants to travel internationally for sex, and he finds a willing conquest in Nathan B. All it takes is a one-way flight from NYC to Bogotá, Columbia and the Asian hard-body is partaking in some of what he considers to be some of the hottest guys in the world. "Secret Garden" filmed for NextDoor Studios' NextDoor At Home series, has two lovely bodies in Tyler and Nathan, both smooth and well-defined with hard corded muscles that gleam and ripple and twist as they engage in some deliciously exciting sex within the confines of a beautiful tropical garden. The boys are stunning, the setting is beautiful...what more could you want?

I loved the opening shot of the two young men standing off to one side of the frame, seen only from the chest down. It was a different aesthetic choice that worked. They fondle and rub and then Tyler drops down into view as he lowers himself to take Nathan's rigid dick deep down his throat. He can barely get the length of it down, but does a commendable job as his own impossibly long and hard pole sticks straight up, begging for attention.

Nathan lays him back and sucks him a bit, but this is all about Tyler's holes getting owned, and he's soon on his back with his legs in the air as Nathan presses his flared head against his tight, resistant pucker. But Nathan's not to be deterred and he's soon balls deep in that eager hole, sliding in deep and pulling out to play with his head at the edge before shoving it all back in again, over and over, with Tyler loving every luscious inch of it. Nathan gets to be a bit selfish, quickly ramping up his urgency and speed as he proceeds to bang the hell out of Tyler's ass. Putting him on his hands and knees he pummels the visitor as both of their bodies tense and flex with the sexual exertion. Nathan is a top who battle-rams his bottom, pauses, and commences back to an anal assault as Tyler quietly takes all that he has to offer.

Of course, Tyler's not complaining. He lets his backside get used in a variety of positions, especially seeming to enjoy climbing on top and getting ridden from beneath. They stare almost romantically deep into each other's eyes as Nathan absolutely rips him a new one; it's an interesting contrast of fast and furious anal action alongside soft and meaningful gazes. They proceed like this for quite awhile, with Nathan pounding the subservient Tyler, pausing to kiss, then more jackhammering until they can't resist anymore and jack their pent-up explosive loads. Spent and exhausted, they wash each other in a luxuriant shower built for two, their hands still wanting to linger over each other's wet bodies as their engorged cocks dwindle.

The banner below will take you to NextDoor Studios to check out the action for yourself.


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